[Races] Stygians

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[Races] Stygians

Postby Havard » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:17 pm


Age of Conan Wikia wrote:Contemporary Stygians are a mysterious people whose society is strictly organized in a class system dependent, by and large, upon physical types. The royalty and the most ancient nobles are relatively tall people with black hair and fair skin. Below these, the ruling elite of aristocrats and a powerful middle class are dusky-skinned, hawk-nosed men, haughty of mien. The lowest classes are peasants and slaves of hybrid stock, a mixture of Kushite, Shemite, Hyborian, and Stygian ancestry.

Stygian society is dominated by the priesthood. The chief god of the Stygians is Set, the Serpent God, whose influence has stretched from the lands of Stygia into nearly all other lands.

Rarely will a Stygian venture from his own lands. Even more rarely will an outsider enter his, as it is death for one who is not a Stygian to enter a Stygian city. Any wanderers found inside Stygian territory are killed. This may be done unceremoniously, or it may involve a sacrificial ritual. The Stygians have never been known to allow captured trespassers to live. The only exception to this rule is the harbor-city of Khemi, where foreign merchants are allowed entry during the day, but must return to their ships at night.

The Stygians have developed an economy based on nomadic herding, fishing, and harvesting the palm date; major industries include the production of sorcerous charms and amulets, as well as drugs and pharmeceuticals for both medicinal and magical use. Silk and steel arms are also manufactured here and are sought after for trade by the merchants who travel the numerous caravan routes across the nation

Source: http://aoc.wikia.com/wiki/Stygian

The above is taken from the Age of Conan Wikia. Is this an accurate description ofh the Stygians? From what I understand, Stygians are normally villains in the Conan stories. What do you think of allowing Stygians as a PC race? We talked about PC races for a Conan RPG here.

what do you think of an entire campaign based around Stygians?


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Re: [Races] Stygians

Postby thorr-kan » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:34 pm

They seem perfectly playable in d20 Conan. I like the sourcebooks for Stygia.
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Re: [Races] Stygians

Postby genghisdon » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:14 am

the video game description is not complete or great, but is fairly adequate.

they are just fine for a PC race

a campaign of Stygians is fine too, although there would probably be a tendency towards evil/sorcerer play many wouldn't like. Playing rebels &/or anti Set types would be an option, albeit one that would have their entire culture set against them.

Not so different from running an ancient Egypt/Egyptians game, really.

Grab Stygia: Serpent of the South & go to town!
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Re: [Races] Stygians

Postby Big Mac » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:14 pm

genghisdon wrote:Not so different from running an ancient Egypt/Egyptians game, really.

Grab Stygia: Serpent of the South & go to town!

The blurb on the Conan: Stygia - Serpent of the South page on Amazon does make it feel very similar to Egypt:
Conan: Stygia - Serpent of the South on Amazon.com wrote:Conan: Stygia - Serpent of the South (Conan Roleplaying Game RPG)

Stygia, Serpent of the South. . .

The long-awaited sourcebook to the most evil of Hyborian Kingdoms is now here. With great pyramids and lurking reptiles, lost tombs and endless deserts, Stygia is an ominous backdrop for any Conan campaign. Rife with intrigue, murder and horror, this land is ripe for any engaging scenario and every adventuring band should visit this place at least once.

Covering the culture, society, military and magic of Stygia, this book contains everything you need to open the doors to a land that is both wondrous and terrible.

That's a d20 Conan book, so probably fairly easy for me to use.

Do you think that it would be easy to raid Egyptian sources and reboot them as Stygian stuff?
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Re: [Races] Stygians

Postby genghisdon » Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:52 pm

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