Map of Hyborian Era Earth ~ 10000BC

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Re: Map of Hyborian Era Earth ~ 10000BC

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Vonmeer had done a great job. Here are their design notes (from deviantArt) in case anyone is confused about what this map is:
vonmeer on deviantArt wrote:Whole Wide World (Hyborian era) 10000BC
by vonmeer
Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Fantasy

This is a whole world map based on the writings of R.E. Howard, H.P.Lovecraft and C.A. Smith, as well as other writers (and pastiches to a lesser extent).

Yes Cthulhu and Conan and the ruins of Klarkash-ton all in one basic map. I created this to put all the Lovecraft Circles features into one singular map.

It's pretty accurate as I used the latest maps, molding Howards hand drawn maps over a suitable map projection, matching everything as exactly as possible to where Howard placed them while correcting for style.

This was made easier as recent bloggers have bent Howards drawings to multiple map projections making this possible.

The other continents are based upon ice age era maps. (I assume with a Deep One City in Peru, South America was underwater when the Mu continent was above water.)

In the mythos the tectonic plates shift and can sink entire continents very easily, 10,000 BC had much of Africa and east Asia underwater.

Leng was of minimal importance and the Tcho-Tcho people made up part of the Uttara Kuru area. MU was a large continent that stretched across the pacific, now sunken and ambiguously labelled.

I place Lemuria in it's proper place for many reasons, feel free to discount it if it contradicts your favorite author. I believe this is where the Lovecraft circle believed it to be centered.

As any project written with Divers Hands, making everything consistent with eachothers vision is impossible...(at least in a way that satisfies everyone.)

As such, I was minimal in what I labeled but included Important Mythos sites that would exist in 10,000BC.

____How to use. _________
It's mostly a writers/keepers resource, showing the continents in relation to other places.

It has NO place in a players hands, no character would ever have this information in ANY era.

Not everything was labeled, especially if from a later pastiche but are included, as I wanted a whole wide world.

You can use your favorite map for close up's, and this, in case players choose to cross the ocean or go "off the map" It uses the most common shape and should be easy.

Assuming it's a 10,000BC fantasy game, to modern campaigns it's an archeologists where-to map (Thus no players should have this!).

____Canada/North America__
America at this time would be a mixture of cultures and a low population, with some Hyperborean (Pre-Human) colonial ruins, degenerate men, and pre-humans to the north. Perhaps some Lomarian relics, even surviving populations.

Some Voormis will still be present but who knows how developed they will be. They once had cities all the way to the Bermudas (Such as the Ancient City of Yuth). Now they would be savage, but would they retain any civilization?

Survivors of Atlantis and the Pictish Ises breeding with pre-humans and an influx of post-diluvian degenerate men tribes from the now sunken land bridges.

Civilization will be stone aged, and have numerous languages being spoken with Naacal being the dominant language.

____America/Mexico/Central America_____
America would have lesser of the above with people of K'n-yan living under and tunneling about Oklahoma and abroad. The lands of America are littered with tunnels and people who inhabited them.

Predating the K'n-yan, it was once inhabited by the Serpent Men who fled here to escape the destruction of Valusia. They built an underworld called Zoth.

In Yoth they built great cities, of which only ruins remain. Explorers from K'n-yan visited Yoth frequently to learn more of the serpent people's scientific lore.

Civilization will be highest here, with a civilization looking akin to that of the Ancient Maya. Naacal will be the language spoken with some Atlantean and Pictish pigeon versions of the less civilized stone age tribes.

Civilization while still stone aged, continues to increase as one goes southwards. It will most likely be highest near central America.

It's not Mayan, but Muvian. Naacal was used by Lovecraft and the Circle and was established in canon, while created by Augustus Le Plongeon it's now mythic.

Knowing this a "Mayan Like" society would be canon to the area in the mythos, it would exist in the world of R.E. Howard (and the Lovecraft Circle).

With influences from Hyperborean and Atlantean origin being possible. Tribes of cannibalistic pict-like peoples might be found on the eastern coast.

Muvian culture may be exhibited more to the west.

Some Lemurians may have colonized and mixed into the east, or left relics. The Deep one city is less than a half a mile away from the coast now, perhaps breeding with local tribes?

(Much of the Americas need to be extrapolated using Clark A.Smith's Hyperborean saga as a reference, mixed with Lovecrafts references to see what would be here. )

____South America___
Muvian survivors who have become primitive may have colonized south America and would later breed with other tribes and peoples.

Since it had to be underwater (it has a deep one city in lake Titicaca) predating the sinking of Mu, and CA Smith's map shows an arrow pointing towards MU. Looking at the evidence, most of south least the northern part, was submerged in ancient times. It would have had thousands of years to recover, but would be less forested and swampy than it is today.

Vast grasslands and mixed jungles are fought over by tribes. They are most likely less advanced to the folks living to the north.

Marsupials from MU made it to Australia and South America. Dinosaurs are most likely extinct but Ice Age creatures should be used liberally. Migo ruins at the southern region are likely.

Keep in mind, Conan story's are Conan centric...much of his world he never experienced, so I'm filling in the details as this is not exclusively Howards creation. He attached it to an older per-existing history and collaborative writing project.

Well it might have some Muvian survivors living on the eastern coasts, and some Lemurians on it's Western coasts. Both being from sea-born cultures fit well on the coasts in relative tribal fishing villages, with more primitive aboriginals making up the majority of the continent.

These villages would be destroyed in the finial cataclysm that turns this map into "our modern map". It's not a canon opinion, just a logical one.

For more on Pnakotus, see the Chaosium books that cover it (Chaosium adventure City in the Sands, in Terror Australis and some versions of Masks of Nyarlathotep).

In fact looking at the map you can see the Muvian continent linking Lomar to writings of Pnakotus.

____Sunken Asia_______
The maps have it underwater, and it makes sense. Lomar sank and it effected that part of the Asian continent. I imagine parts of south Asia were above water and connected to either Mu or Lemuria and sunk with them. I placed Leng and Sung after very careful research but they would be mostly uninhabited.

This is a simple map, in simple colors, of a full color map I'm not near done with.

It might have some things needing changing but I'm putting it up. As others might have a use for it, as is.

It's just my working map, the finished map will be a satellite style rendering showing full ocean depths and details.

So don't bust my chops folks if I added some non-Howard's my map and I accept all Lovecraft Circle additions as canon, and use much Derleth proteges as well.

You can use this as a reference, for writing or games but don't use it to make money or republish it. It's made to start creating a more consistent vision, for future publications based upon the mythos.

_____Whats to come?________
A Hyperborean version will come, and then another much evolved "Kulls Map" of the era in between the Hyperborean and Hyborian eras.

Then a Pre-historical "modern" map, and finally a modern 1920s Lovecraftian era map.

Anything (not on the hyborian mainland) that needs to be included on the full map?
It looks like Vonmeer is a beholder. I wonder if they play any D&D campaign settings. :)
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Re: Map of Hyborian Era Earth ~ 10000BC

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Impressive labour of love indeed!
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