[free] The Pit of Katallu

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[free] The Pit of Katallu

Post by Big Mac » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:04 pm

Modiphius created a Free RPG adventure called The Pit of Katallu and are now releasing it online, as a free PDF. Here is the blurb:
Modiphius.net wrote:Conan: Free RPG Day 2017: The Pit of Kutallu - PDF


The Pit of Kutallu is a scenario which was part of FREE RPG Day 2017 and is self-contained standalone adventure featuring a cut down version of the 2d20 system for Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, a game of dramatic pulp adventure and heroic conflict.

The adventure itself strands the characters in an exotic ruin, pitted against ancient evil takes place on the southern coastal jungles of the Black Kingdoms, with the player characters recently captured by Kushite slavers. The adventure opens with the player characters in the hold of their captors’ ship, just as it is caught in a storm.

The adventure introduces game concepts as they are encountered, to help everyone start playing Conan as quickly as possible and full rules and pre-generated characters are included and you can also download additional free characters here.

All you need are to play are two twenty-sided dice (2d20), a dozen or so six sided dice (d6), paper pens and some tokens or beads to track momentum, a group of friends and your imagination!
If you have not tried the new 2d20 system, and want to give it a go, you might find the Conan Quickstart & Adventure useful. But, if you like one of the older Conan systems, you might be able to retro-convert The Pit of Katallu and the additional free characters to see how easy it would be for you to adapt other Modiphius material to your existing game.
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