What elves do you use in your campaigns?

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What elves do you use in your campaigns?

Post by Havard » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:36 pm

Here's a nice overview of the elves of Middle-earth.

Which elves, if any do you allow as PCs in your games?


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Re: What elves do you use in your campaigns?

Post by Starglim » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:58 am

Neither in Middle-Earth nor D&D, I've considered doing something with the Telelli, the singers on the hill in the Book of Lost Tales, accompanied by the Solosimpi, the pipers on the shore.

And now I look at it again, I think I'll have to mention Tombo, the Gong rung upon the Shadowy Seas, now called the Gong of the Children.

That hardly answers the question, though. In a setting with elves, there'd have to be high elves in a general sense, because everyone recognises them, and it seems useful to have a division among them. I've always liked svartalfar, who aren't in Tolkien, nor Gygaxian, but more like Fighting Fantasy.

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Re: What elves do you use in your campaigns?

Post by Falconer » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:12 am

In a nutshell you have:

Silvan Elves = the native elves of Rhovanion
Sindar = the native elves of Beleriand
Noldor = exiles from the West who came to Beleriand

At the end of the First Age, Beleriand is destroyed, other than a strip called Lindon. So you have this realm called Lindon which is the realm of the Noldor+Sindar. This Noldor+Sindar grouping is sometimes called High Elves. (In LotR; outside LotR, sometimes ‘High Elves’ means something different.) Rivendell is an outpost established by this group.

There are two Silvan+Sindar kingdoms in Rhovanion at the end of the Third Age, Woodland Realm and Lórien. This Silvan+Sindar grouping is sometimes called Wood-elves. Silvan Elves and Sindar are related, and there is basically no difference between them; I think Tolkien decided it made little sense for these realms to be entirely populated by transplanted Sindar, but he was stuck with the fact that the Wood-elves used the Sindarin language, and he wanted to keep the royals strongly connected to his First Age legendarium. So he decided some Sindar left Lindon and ran off to form realms among the Silvan Elves.
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