Dragons of the 3rd age?

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Dragons of the 3rd age?

Post by Havard »

How many known dragons are around during the 3rd age? Did any of them survive into the 4th age?


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Re: Dragons of the 3rd age?

Post by Falconer »

There were definitely dragons in the Grey Mountains throughout the 2nd and 3rd Ages, as plentiful as you please. Smaug was the greatest, it would seem, but in the Appendices we read about various incidents and generalizations about the others doing Smaug-like things throughout the 3rd Age, attacking the dwarves who settled in the Grey Mountains, and the Eotheod (the proto-Rohirrim) who settled just south of them. Specifically mentioned are Scatha and a cold-drake.

As for whether there were any left after Smaug, we do have this one quote in LotR: “there is not now any dragon left on earth in which the old fire is hot enough.” Tolkien comments on this in one of his Letters, saying, “But that implies, I think, that there are still dragons, if not of full primeval stature.”
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Re: Dragons of the 3rd age?

Post by Tolwen »

Tolkien metions only the two prominent dragons in the Third Age by name: Scatha and Smaug. Beyond that, we have an unspecified number dragons that made trouble for the Dwarves from around the late 26th century onwards in the Grey Mountains.
As has already been mentioned, we have some vague hints that there may be more after Smaug's death, but nothing tangible. MERP elaborated quite intensively on Dragons. The most complete treatment is found in 'The Grey Mountains'.
By coincidence, the upcoming Issue 23 of OM will also feature an article about dragons which may be useful for you. I will post an announcement once the Issue is ready - which should be within the next three weeks or so.

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Re: Dragons of the 3rd age?

Post by Khedrac »

Iirc Smaug left the Withered Heath area because he wanted treasure and there was none to grab there.

As peopel said, there were certainly supposed to eb plenty of dragons up there though.

As for hot fire, Tolkein was an expert in Norse myth, and a lot of Norse (and English) dragons didn't breath fire, but noxious gases instead - this could be why there were none left who could destroy a great ring.
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