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Obed Marsh and the Marsh family

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:55 pm
by night_druid
So how many people have used Obed Marsh &/or the Marsh family in their Call of Cthulhu games? I've only recently started reading the Lovecraft stories, and honestly the guy seems more important to Lovecraft's story as a background character than ole Cthulhu himself. At least a few of Lovecraft's protagonists are distantly related to Obed, and lots of tales relate to Devil's Reef and the Deep One colony there.

Re: Obed Marsh and the Marsh family

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 5:48 pm
by agathokles
Obed Marsh is iconic as he is representative of a class of people who frequently appear in Lovecraft stories -- people who have brought with them the taint of the Mythos from distant lands, and have come back to live in the equally iconic New England setting.

Other iconic types are the unwitting bearer of a cursed bloodline (I won't make examples, since you haven't read all the stories), the scholar (often a Miskatonic University professor) who stumbles upon the Mythos (with some variants, such as the doctor, all of whom share traits such as being knowledgeable, resourceful, rational but not stubbornly incapable of accepting the wider reality), the occultist (Randolph Carter, but also his colleagues Etienne de Marigny and Ward Phillips).

The opposition between these characters (typically, a scholar versus a cultist, or the unwitting bearer versus his bloodline, or the occultist versus his own lust for knowledge) create the basic plots for most of Lovecraft stories. The Mythos entities themselves are typically only hinted at until the final revelation.