Chaosium withdraws CoC licence from French Publisher "ESD"

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Chaosium withdraws CoC licence from French Publisher "ESD"

Post by Havard »

Statement about Éditions Sans-Détour

Posted by Michael O'Brien on December 08, 2018

Éditions Sans-Détour (ESD) has long been a valued Chaosium licensee, releasing a range of beautifully produced Call of Cthulhu materials in French.

ESD's license for Call of Cthulhu expired in September this year. It is with regret that we announce that Chaosium shall not be renewing ESD's license for any products. ESD's permission to use our trademarks, logos and all related intellectual property has been withdrawn.

As fans of Call of Cthulhu, you deserve to know our reasons why sadly we cannot continue this relationship.

In a nutshell: ESD has not paid Chaosium any royalties on any of its sales since late 2016.

Chaosium has patiently tried to work with ESD during this time; however, to date we have not even received any sales data for the past two years, let alone any payments on outstanding royalties. (Not even on crowdfunding projects like Les Masques de Nyarlahotep et Le Jour de la Béte, which are straightforward to calculate and pay).

Last month Chaosium made it clear to ESD that the license had expired and would not be renewed. ESD were advised they are in cardinal breach of its previous license - nb this would have been grounds for immediate termination of the license, if it had not already expired.

Chaosium does not want ESD’s failures to perform its contractual duties to result in you the fans not getting product you already paid for on ESD’s crowdfunding campaigns.

We are willing to work with ESD to enable it to fulfill its crowdfunding obligations to you. However, at a minimum ESD needs to pay Chaosium the royalties it owes under its licenses. Unfortunately, to date, we have received nothing - not even from crowdfunding campaigns completed in 2017.

EDS's failure to comply with the terms of our license agreement leaves Chaosium no choice but to proceed to take legal advice on avenues to settle the substantial debt owed. As Éditions Sans-Détour has long been a valued part of the Call of Cthulhu family, we are saddened that we have been unable to resolve these matters in a constructive manner.

Going forward, Chaosium has a new licensee for Call of Cthulhu in French. A formal announcement will be made shortly.

Michael O'Brien
Head of Licensing
Vice President - Chaosium Inc. ... -sansdtour

I don't know the story from the perspective of ESD, but its a shame that this sort of thing happens to Chaosium now when they are rebuilding the company.


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Re: Chaosium withdraws CoC lisence from French Publisher "ESD"

Post by shesheyan »

The ESD story is very muddy to say the least. I have been following this news since the Chaosium communique came out. The owners of ESD have several gaming compagnies. Its seems they have been in trouble for a while. Some say they were using money from one company to pay the bills of the other or failing forward if you will. Now they hit a wall and are going bankrupt.

One subsidiary of ESD was also behind a very successful KS for the new edition of the Confrontation wargame. I fear the backers will never see their Pledges.

I'm 90% sure Black Book Editions, a french company despite the english name, will be the ones responsible for the next french edition of CoC.

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Re: Chaosium withdraws CoC lisence from French Publisher "ESD"

Post by Boneguard »

It's a right mess, I own some of their book and they are quite beautiful and the German stuff they translated is priceless and I wish it was also available in English...and they had some great product down the pipeline bout to come out, it will probably be published, but more delays.

Backers are also quite upset, as they are not sure if they will see either of the campaign they has support (French v7 Days of the Beast and Mask of Nyarlothotep) or the 10th anniversary 6 ed reprints that are now AWOL. Some are even considering a class action suit.

And Sans-Detour has, yet to react to the news, not surprising as they have s terrible track record in communication. Oh and to top it up, the team found out at the same time as everyone else...yes, the employees of the Creation team found out like everyone that their job just got sideswept.
shesheyan wrote:
Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:03 am
I'm 90% sure Black Book Editions, a french company despite the english name, will be the ones responsible for the next french edition of CoC.
I don't know, they already have a lot on their plate, Edge seems to be the most likely candidate in people's mind.
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