John-Michael Steele's Vile Plottings

"Through a veil of blue mist did I first behold an unknown realm; dreamlike and surreal as if suffused in amber glow."
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John-Michael Steele's Vile Plottings

Post by Big Mac » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:36 am

John-Michael Steele has put up a page, called Vile Plottings, with a number of plots that can be used in a Talislanta game. The Vile Plottings include:
  • "Ghost Moon, a Watchstone Stakeout."
  • "The Party..."
  • "The Great Eastern Slave Conspiracy."
  • "Summonings!"
  • "The Fall of the Last Sky City..."
  • "Eye for an eye..!"
  • "Not always what they appear to be..."
  • "Seeking Salvation..."
  • "Hadj's Ultimate Challenge!"
  • "The Necro-dragon..."
  • "A Three Hour Tour..."
  • "Mission Impossible..."
  • Back to the main page...
  • "Dragon Savior?"
  • "Gathering of the Submen."
  • "Bad Dreams..."
  • "The Red Adamant Incident!"
  • "Dark Pacts..."
  • "The Four Elements - gone missing..."
  • "Bug Hunt..."
  • "Vengence Sails"
  • "The End of Civlization..."
  • "Hyper Rescue..!"
  • "Giant Lies..."
  • "Old Friends."
He also wrote a Wilderlands Module for Talislanta.
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Re: John-Michael Steele's Vile Plottings

Post by Mulsiphix » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:13 am

This is ten kinds of awesome! Thank you Big Mac gor the heads up. Thank You John!!!!
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