Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

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Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by shesheyan »

When a new edition of D&D comes out it has always been an occasion to start a new homebrew campaign for me. For 1E, 2E and 3E I had a stable group of players.
But this time around even though I had the intention of creating a home-brew campaign I decided to run the starter set adventure and then tie-in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

This is due, in part, to the fact that since my group is new and I don't want make the mistake of spending hours creating a homebrew campaign but ended up having a lot of trouble keeping a stable group of players.
Its also due to «real life» time commitment.

What do you plan to do this time around?
Homebrew? Tyranny? Adapt an another product?
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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by RobJN »

IF I had a group. And IF I was running the TC adventures.... I'd just convert 'em over to the sparkly new edition.

Have I mentioned that I am converting over the characters from Thorn's Chronicle as an exercise in learning the new system?

I am. You can find 'em on the blog:
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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by Hugin »

I'll be starting a new campaign within the next few weeks with a brand new group for a brand new edition.

I'll be running a Mystara campaign (as always).

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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by happylarry »

I'm taking three players (my children aged 9-13) through the lost mine from the starter set - and would happily carry on in the FR - IF I could find out about the effects of the move to 4e and 5e (my last sourcebook is from 3e)

So - it'll probably be effectively a homebrew based on the sword coast area, with info gleaned from 2e grey box and 3e book on the realms. for now!

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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by rabindranath72 »

I am going to use the Starter Set scenarios. The FR are not my preferred setting, so after that, I'd probably go back to Dragonlance, and convert the massive 3e campaign "Key of Destiny" OR start a Birthright campaign.
I am not very interested in Tyranny of Dragons (at the moment.)

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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by Arawn76 »

I'm planning on weaning my players from 3.5 with Hoard and its sequel. If that goes well I may yet see Birthright (the greatest of all D&D settings) rise from the ashes for a new campaign :)

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Re: Campaigns : Homebrew, Tyranny or other?

Post by Birchbeer »

I'm trying to do my own version of Mystara with the 5e rules. Though knowing my players they won't care as long as there is treasure and monsters :)

I'm not sure if I'll mix in the 5e adventures or not. I'm thinking the players will probably have separate characters if they decide to go to encounters / adventure league events.

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