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[Whiteleaf] NPCs Reference

Post by willpell » Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:26 pm

Back on my old board, where I had my own subforum for Whiteleaf (and another for my other projects), my subforum had a subforum just for the sample characters I invented while worldbuilding. However, that was a different time in my life, not to mention different board software. Here, I will limit myself to just one thread for now; I won't try to "evolve" the characters much, which was my main reason for originally wanting them all in separate threads, and will just stick to inventing new ones as they occur to me. This OP will serve as a reference index, as usual.

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Relgar Aspergim, Autistic Exemplar of Mystic Geometry

Post by willpell » Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:38 pm

Race: Human
Class: Wizard 2 / Paragon 3.
Level: 5
Alignment: Vague

Abilities or Attributes

STR 8 (pb 0)
DEX 14 (pb 6)
CON 10 (pb 2)
INT 18 (pb 16)
WIS 12 (pb 4)
CHA 8 (pb 0)


Feat (level 1): Wild Talent
Feat (human): Skill Focus (profession: draftsman)
Feat (wizard 1): Scribe Scroll
Feat (level 3): pick 1
Feat (paragon 3): pick 1

Class skills are in red or purple if they were selected as his ten Human Paragon skills. Those in purple are also Wizard skills; those in blue are only Wizard skills.

Level 5 Skills (68 skill points, all spent in-class): Balance +5, Concentration +8, Craft, Decipher Script +6, Disable Device +4, Knowledge: Arcana+5, Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering +5, Move Silently +8, Perform (speed drawing) +2, Profession (draftsman) +5, Search +4, Spellcraft+3, Sleight of Hand +5, Spot +8.

Future build notes:
He can then take a Wizard level at 6th, buy three ranks of Decipher and four of Arcana, take Invisible Needle as his 6th-level feat, and finally be ready to drive off in his Geo Metro at level 7. Once he starts (and finishes) taking the five levels of that class, he can start buying the Spellcraft ranks he needs to not be such an incompetent wizard, and buy the various purely ornamental Knowledges, Professions, and Crafts that I want him to have solely for personality reasons. I might even resort to cross-class Diplomacy ranks and the like, but I'm very proud not to have any cross-classing on this version at all, and would probably prefer to keep it that way.


Specialist school: Being decided, either Abjuration or Evocation.
Barred schools: Necromancy and Enchantment

Typically Prepared Spells (first one listed in every case is an Abjuration, last is an Evocation; one of these is his specialty school).
Grade 0: Resistance, Mending, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Light
Grade 1: Lesser Deflect, Serene Visage, "Efficient Movement", Mage Armor, Magic Missile
Grade 2: Flaming Sphere, Summon Swarm, Detect Thoughts, Arcane Lock
Grade 3 (wizard 5 version only): Dispel Magic, Summon Monster 3, Leomund's Tiny Hut

Spellbook (with page numbers - all cantrips in the back for convenience)
Grade 0: Resistance, Light, Dancing Lights, Mending, Flare, Ray of Frost, Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Message, Open/Close, Ghost Sound, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Read Magic - 16 total cantrips occupying pages 85-100.
Grade 1: Lesser Deflect, Mage Armor, Expeditious Retreat, Serene Visage, Magic Missile, Unseen Servant, Shield, Bigby's Helpful Hand, Summon Monster 1, Alarm
Grade 2: Detect Thoughts, Arcane Lock, Summon Swarm, Flaming Sphere*, Mirror Image, Master's Touch, Web
Grade 3 (wizard 5 version only): Dispel Magic, Leomund's Tiny Hut, Summon Monster 3

* They tell a little story when listed in that order, don't they? :twisted:

Spell Acquisition History (all assume that he paid the standard Gradex50gp surcharge suggested in the PHB for the privilege of copying a spell from another wizard's spellbooks, in addition to the Gradex100gp cost for special inks and such).
First Wizard Level: All cantrips and 7 grade-1 spells for free
Purchased on a level 1-2 budget: None.
Wizard 2 Free Spells: 2 more grade-1s (at least 9 total).
Purchased during level 2 or 3: Alarm (150 gp).
Wizard 3 Free Spells: Arcane Lock and Flaming Sphere.
Purchased during level 3-4: Summon Swarm (300 gp)
Wizard 4 Free Spells: Detect Thoughts, Master's Touch
Purchased during level 4-5: Web, Mirror Image (600 gp)

WBL unspent: 7950 GP.

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Post by willpell » Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:49 pm

Even a world exquisitely hand-crafted by perfectionistic interventionist gods, as Whiteleaf was, can still have room for a few cautionary examples of what NOT to do. Being designed both to improve on standard D&D and to lovingly deconstruct its tropes, the world openly embraces the truthfulness of such issues as "Linear Fighters, Quadratic Wizards" even while it tries to correct for them. And thus, there can be heavily optimized fighters who receive absurd amounts of compensatory advantages to make up for their class's inherent weakness, but there can also be fighters who just plain suck, and aren't even really trying to change that (they may claim to want to dominate, but their actions speak to the truth that it isn't really what they wish for deep down; their suboptimal build choices are the work of subconscious self-sabotage, as their inner motivations try to push them away from violence as a career path). The latter are more often Evil, or at least non-Good, while the former are usually somewhere from north-of-neutral all the way to Exalted - but exceptions exist even there.

Mercer the Mercenary isn't bad at what he does; while hardly the equal of a highly-optimized high-level wizard, he is effective enough within the limits of the fighter class. But he's boring, intentionally and exquisitely so, and that's the entire point of his existence, in an out-of-character sense.
Race: Human
Class: Fighter 1
Alignment: True Neutral
HP: 13

Abilities or Attributes

STR 18 (pb 16)
DEX 14 (pb 6)
CON 16 (pb 10)
INT 8 (pb 0)
WIS 8 (pb 0)
CHA 8 (pb 0)

Saving Throws
Fortitude: +5
Reflex: +2
Will: -1


Feat (level 1): Weapon Focus (greatsword)
Feat (human): Combat Reflexes - may AoO up to 3 times per round, even when flat-footed.
Feat (fighter 1): Dodge

Skills: Climb 4, Jump 4 (both checks get a net of +1 from his Strength minus his ACP).

Equipment: Greatsword, scale mail, as many javelins as he can afford and carry, basic adventuring equipment if needed.

AC: 16 (touch 12, flat-footed 14); +1 to normal and touch AC vs. one opponent per round.
Speed: 20 feet.

Attack roll: 1d20+6 with greatsword, 1d20+5 with other melee weapons, 1d20+3 with ranged weapons, 1d20+1 with improvised melee weapons, 1d20-2 with improvised ranged weapons.

Greatsword damage: 2d6+4.
Javelin damage: 1d6+4.

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Xoveranger the Xill

Post by willpell » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:47 pm

This concept is too "me" not to do some work on statting it out, ridiculous though it is.

Race: Xill
Class: None yet (many to come)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (bordering on Evil)
HP: 5d8+10

Abilities or Attributes

STR 12 (pb 0 for value 8, +4 racial)
DEX 22 (pb 6 for value 14, +6 racial)
CON 18 (pb 6 for value 14, +4 racial)
INT 10 (pb 0 for value 8, +2 racial)
WIS 18 (pb 10 for value 16, +2 racial)
CHA 16 (pb 10)

Saving Throws (all are Good due to Outsider type, base of +4 each)
Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +10
Will: +8


Feat (HD 1): TBD
Feat (HD 3): TBD

Skills: Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silently, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble - 32 points to spend.

Equipment: WBL for level 9 = 36,000.

AC: 23 (touch 16, flat-footed 17); +7 natural armor, no manufactured armor as yet.
Speed: 40 feet.

Attack roll: 1d20+6 with melee weapons, 1d20+11 with ranged weapons.

Level Adjustment: +4
Abilities: Spell Resistance 21; Planewalk; 4 claw attacks with Improved Grab; bite with Paralysis, Implant, Darkvision 60 feet.

Being stupider than the average xill, he's decided that never taking two levels in the same class is a good idea. Deeply religious, though unsure in exactly what, he has a vision of taking the xills out of the Ethereal Plane from which they maraud purposelessly, finding them a new home in the "World of the Egg-Hosts".

(In my mythos, Xills are not Always Lawful Evil by nature, though they are usually so by socialization.)

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Typhon Greyheart, Sinister Neutral Druid

Post by willpell » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:23 pm

Based on this thread, I'm creating this character solely based on his name, and disregarding all concerns of game balance, in order to fully embrace the extreme potency of what is probably my overall favorite of the eleven base classes (I could debate that subject forever, but if Druid isn't my absolute favorite, it's at least in the top three, and for more straightforward reasons than the other candidates, such as Cleric). No longer having time to do the one-level-at-a-time thing I used to prefer, and disliking the boring nature of first-level characters after having made probably a literal thousand of them in the past half-decade, I'll put him at level 6, right where a druid gets access to the basically-mandatory Natural Spell feat (unless you find some shenanigan for gaining a feat of your choice at character level 5, and I don't know of one offhand that's compatible with druids).

Named after an ancient serpent god by his evil-worshipping family, the young fellow named Typhon embraced the cause of Good as an adolescent rebellion against the foolishly destructive behavior of his parents, but in so doing he brought the attentions of the Imperial military down on them, resulting in their deaths and his becoming a ward of the state. While he was treated kindly, he never fully forgave the "guardians of the common good" for the personal harm they had done to him, and rejected all of their subtle prompting to go into public service. Instead, he tried his hand at petty crime, and nearly died after crossing the representatives of one of the few gangster outfits hardcore enough to operate right under the Emperor's nose in the capital district. Rescued from them by an "urban ranger" in the service of the continent-spanning Greenswardens organization, Typhon was introduced to the idea of druidic craft by his occasionally-spellcasting protector, and found the idea of joining the service of Nature to be an acceptable compromise between the two moral systems of his youth, both of which he felt some affinity for while also firmly rejecting them as intellectually satisfactory systems. Upon completing his apprenticeship to the archdruid Hansel Hartigan, Typhon took the honorific of Greyheart in place of his original surname, symbolizing his aggressive commitment to neutrality as a moral principle in and of itself; Hansel approved, as did many of his fellows in the Dogwood Collective (one particular regional chapter of the loose continent-wide association to which virtually all Whiteleaf druids belong, though not all of them actually attend the meetings of their nearest group).

Typhon sees the maintenance of balance between ethical extremes as crucial, extending this logic to Law and Chaos as well as Good and Evil; unbeknownst to his fellow Druids, he even suspects the existence of the "third dichotomy", where even Nature itself may have an opposite, and if he could confirm the existence of Exemplars for this "sixth force", he might well begin to betray a few of Nature's bastions to this invading energy, as one more manifestation of his drive for Balance. (This mild degree of Neutral Stupidity distinguishes him from other ethically-compromised druids, such as the eminently practical Willow Silverthorn and the outright psychotic Lisker, both of whom are morally Evil, yet would never once consider diminishing the potency of their shared powersource in the name of some cosmic abstraction of "evening the scales".) A potential Blighter in the making, or possibly an ally of Alienists and even invading Far Realm species (whether he would join the Abolishers or become one of the things they fight against is a thoroughly open question), Typhon does Evil deeds no more often than he does Good ones, but even those who have directly benefitted from his "good side" are generally creeped out by his secretive, mocking demeanor.

Character sheet follows.
aside wrote:(For my own reference, here's a quick write-up of how the stat requirements for a primary spellcaster work, which I should cut out and move elsewhere at some point:)
1sts at 1 = 11 (start at 11 only if multiclassing early)
2nds at 3 = 12 (start at 12 if you want to have only one class during your initial career)
3rds at 5 = 13 (start at 12, +1 at level 4 if going into a PrC by level 6)
4ths at 7 = 14 (start at 13, +1 at level 4 to cast grade-4 spells without delay)
5ths at 9 = 15 (start at 13, +2 by level 8; will be inadequate during 11th level, but mitigation options should be manageable by now)
6ths at 11 = 16 (start at 14, +2 by level 8)
7ths at 13 = 17 (start at 14, +3 by level 12)
8ths at 15 = 18 (start at 15 for optimal performance; any full-spellcaster should be no lower than this)
9ths at 17 = 19 (start at 15, +4 by level 16)
So because I've not used Typhon's first +1 in his casting stat, he will not be a perfectly optimal druid, and will need to take one level of multiclassing, a PrC, or just being sub-par in his casting abilities. This fits for a character who is by no means a purely archetypal Druid.
Abilities (32-point buy, +1 at level 4): STR 10 (pb cost 2), DEX 16 (10), CON 12 (4), INT 16 (purchased at 15 for 8), WIS 15 (8), CHA 8 (0).

Selected Feats: Able Learner, Choose Two, Natural Spell.

Skill Ranks (28 at cc, +7 each for levels 2 and 3, +8 each for the three subsequent levels, totaling 66): Concentration 9, Heal 9, Knowledge: Nature 9, Listen 9, Survival 9, Handle Animal 7, Spellcraft 5, Diplomacy 5, and cross-class K: The Planes 4. No real personal-interest skills here, though a few choices of what not to maximize indicate his attitudes on several subjects. Heal is included only in case I might want him to go into the "Fleshcrafter" PRC later; I don't recall the other prerequisites for that one, or whether it's suitable to a Druid anyway, and those 9 points can be respent if the answer turns out to be "no".

Typically Prepared Spells:
Grade 0: Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Naturewatch, Read Magic, Resistance
Grade 1: Faerie Fire, Shillelagh, Longstrider, Rot of Ages
Grade 2: Spider Climb, Flaming Sphere, Bull's Strength, Summon Swarm
Grade 3: Spike Growth, Dominate Animal, Evard's Menacing Tentacles

Animal Companion: TBD

(My browser is doing funky things, so I'll have to come back to this later.)

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