[5th Age Saga] Playing Saga in Taladas

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[5th Age Saga] Playing Saga in Taladas

Post by Havard »

Big Mac wrote:How easy would it be to play [Dragonlance Saga], in another location (like Taladas)?
The late James o'Rance created a wonderful netbook for using the Dragonlance Saga rules on Taladas. You can find it here: http://www.dlnexus.com/archives/taladas/rules.aspx

Has anyone here thought about using 5th Age Saga for a Taladas game?


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Re: [5th Age Saga] Playing Saga in Taladas

Post by Big Mac »

Havard wrote:Has anyone here thought about using 5th Age Saga for a Taladas game?
I've never played Saga. How much would need to be changed to get it to fit with another era of Dragonlance history?
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