Vow of the Corruptor

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Vow of the Corruptor

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#DarkDungeons Vow of the Corruptor

When a Cleric reaches 9th level, if he or she is of Chaotic alignment and evil mien, they may elect to follow a specialized path of selfish evil, allowing them to drain life force in return for magical power. This specialized path requires them to take the Vow of the Corruptor.

The Vow of the Corruptor requires the character to isolate themselves from all living things in a remote desert, ruins, wastelands or even another plane of existence, for a period of 2-8 (2d4) months. In this period their normal attitudes to life and goodness are stripped away entirely and replaced with a simmering rage and a dark heart that form the basis of their new philosophy of Chaos and evil.

Once the initiation is finished, the cleric becomes a Corruptor. Corruptor society has no hierarchy and due to the nature of their power they shun the company of other Corruptors. Each Corruptor is their own master, likely soon to be the nucleus of their own evil cult or organization.

The Corruptor philosophy is primarily obsessed with draining life energy, fueling their own development and power and destroying living things. They are revel in destroying nature.

As such, Corruptors usually live in the most polluted and built up cities, mines or ports they can find, or in remote areas seething with magical fallout and chaos. Wherever they choose to live, they make sure that they also have access to either living beings to Tap, or to wondrous natural areas close enough to visit and despoil.

Although there are stories that a tiny handful of Corruptors are more or less neutral and “scientific” in how they use their Tap ability, generally Corruptors are evil, despicable people with dark hearts and minds.

The Tap
Each Corruptor has, during their isolated sojourn, received from their mysterious Immortal patron the ability known as The Tap. The Tap is a form of Energy Drain. The Tap is used by the Corruptor by the naked flesh touch of his or her body to any nominated target. Tap may be used a number of times each day equal to the character’s General Modifier for Wisdom, with a minimum of 1.

When a victim is Tapped, they suffer the level or hit die loss as per Energy Drain. However at the same time, the Corruptor gains magical power. Also, the Tap can work on any living thing, including plants. Living things that do not have levels or hit dice simply die instantly when touched by the naked flesh of a Corruptor using Tap.

When such living things as plants are affected by the Corruptor’s Tap, the Corruptor destroys an area in a sphere centered on his or her feet with a radius of 4d8 x 10’. All plants, bacteria and other tiny life forms are destroyed and converted to ash in this field. Such a Tap can only affect the plant life in the zone; if there is a character in the zone and that character is not touch attacked to be Tapped, they suffer nothing other than the creepy sensation of seeing the plant life around them collapse into dust.

A Tapped area of land or sea is permanently drained of life force. Nothing will ever again grow there, and no animal will voluntarily remain there, ever again. Only the most powerful magics and blessings conferred by Druids or their patron Immortals can even hope to some day restore areas destroyed by Corruptors.

Each time a Corruptor successfully uses Tap, the character gains an extra clerical spell, from the Druid list, of a level which they are allowed to cast, and in addition to any existing spells they have left to cast that day. These additional spells conferred by Tap must be used in their negative form if reversible, and no Corruptor can or would ever Cure wounds or Neutralize poison. They live for death and destruction.

The extra spells the Tap confers are lost at the end of the game day on which they are gained so if they are not used before the Corruptor rests for the night, they dissipate and are lost to his or her use.

The Tap ability’s Energy Drain causes all the normal misery and permanent loss that an undead Energy Drain causes.

At 16th level, a Corruptor can, even though they are a living being, function exactly in the manner of an Undead Liege.

At 28th level, a Corruptor begins to shrivel, decay or otherwise lose his or her relatively normal appearance. They begin to take on the aspect and appearance of some form of undead. The exact type can be randomized or selected by the player with the GM’s permission. The character is not a true Undead; it is simply the Corruption manifesting itself physically. However, as of 28th level, the Corruptor can be turned by Clerics exactly as if it was a genuine Undead. The type of Undead that equates to the Corruptor is “Special”.

Corruptors are denied any shot at Immortality, their Immortal patron simply point blank refusing to ever sponsor them. For this reason Corruptors usually turn their twisted minds to achieving physical deathlessness.


In keeping with the style of the Dark Dungeons deluxe hardcover I own I have matched the wording to that of the Druid. In most respects the Corruptor is an anti-Druid, someone who defiles, as it were, the natural world, rather than protecting or preserving it.

All text is hereby put in the public domain and may be used in any way whatsoever that you like. If it is ever published by me then it will be acknowledged as my work, but not so as to in any way affect its public domain status.


The Immortal who creates Corruptors is deliberately concealed and he she or it may most likely even conceal their true nature from their own champions. This is a chaotic, capricious and wholly evil Immortal, jealous of its own status, and delighted that it has a fair number of worshippers who don't even receive the opportunity of their own apotheosis. Its religion and cults are entirely nihilistic and preach doctrines of inevitable doom and decay, abnegation of the self and the selfish exploitation of everyone and everything that it is possible to attack and exploit.


One of the reasons for making the Corruptor class is so there is a Cleric and Druid focused bad guy that is not literally just an Evil High Priest. The Corruptor could be an industrialist, slaver, miner or even the king or queen of an entire nation or city-state. Likewise despite their awful Tap ability they could just possibly be part of an adventuring group. And example of a Corruptor type character who adventures alongside more normal characters can be seen in the Mythica series, where a young Necromancer sucks the life force from her own friends to power up and use extra spells with no components or preparation.

Using a Corruptor is a way to have an adversary that is not so rulebreaking, since the Corruptor is using its Tap in a manner similar to how powerful Undead use Energy Drain the "ecology" of Dark Dungeons is already adapted to such an effect. The extra spells gained are a way for an evil unethical character to "cheat" but to do so somewhat inside the system, in the same way a Vampire using Energy Drain is "cheating" by somewhat knocking down its enemies' power level during a fight.

Anyway, there it is, just want to add some more stuff to Dark Dungeons, which I am absolutely loving!

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