Revised campaign

In this dark time, new heroes must arise to claim the crowns of Midgard, and restore the jewels to her scattered thrones...
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Revised campaign

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I know it is coming later this year. But since we are three and a half months away from the end of the year, I am curious to know if anyone has heard what the proposed street date is?

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Re: Revised campaign

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The original target was December.

In June they said that some things were going well, but other things had fallen behind. Wolfgang Baur said he was stepping in to write some stuff that he had intended to contract out.

In July they took a late book (Midgard Heroes Handbook for 5th Edition) and pushed it later in the schedule, so that they could work on another book that was on target.

In August, they still had delays with some things.

The problem with a Kickstarter with multiple items is that a delay with one item can potentially affect shipping of other items.

My guess is that Kobold Press will have most of this finished by December, but the question is what are they going to do if a few items are not ready?

PDFs could easily be sent to backers. They can be sent individually (and if necessary, they can be replaced if mistakes are found).

If someone has bought a set of books, and one isn't ready, you can't usually split that into two packages without increasing the shipping costs.

It's possible that people who bought less books could have those books sent to them (if there were no late books holding up their order) but would the backers who paid more to get more be happy with that. (And would Kobold Press want to do that?)

The other thing about this being projected to be sent out in December is that a delay of even a few weeks is likely to get Kobold Press caught up in the Christmas rush. There is going to come a day, when a very small additional overun is going to get people caught up in the "last post before Christmas" deadline and then books could end up in limbo until the new year.

But, Wolfgang Baur seems to be one of the good guys, and I can see him running around like a lunatic to try to catch up with delays or reduce them as much as possible.

This wasn't so much of a thing in the past (before we had Kickstarters) but now everyone chips in their cash and sits there drumming their fingers and waiting to get their stuff. ;)

Personally, I'd rather wait a bit and get something that has been checked, double-checked and tripple-checked, than have people cut corners to hit a deadline and send out a book that has errors in it. :)
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Re: Revised campaign

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Hi all,

As of 1/12/18 here's their latest update -

"Files to Press, and Survey Lockdown
Posted by Kobold Press (Creator)

The kobolds are happy to report that the Midgard Heroes Handbook and the Midgard Worldbook files have both gone to the press! This means we'll see printer's proofs and galleys, and then go to printing and bindery.

Also, we're locking down the BackerKit survey tonight, so if you have changes (address or other), now's the time. Credit card charges will likely go over the weekend.

Happy gaming,


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Re: Revised campaign

Post by thorr-kan »

The credit card charges have not posted for me. Yes, I'm watching avidly. Why? :)

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