Gothic Earth

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Nate Christen
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Gothic Earth

Post by Nate Christen » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:10 pm

Currently I'm rereading one of my favorite novels, Dracula, and it has me thinking of ways to adapt the Pathfinder RPG for use in a heroic Gothic horror-style of game. I've started writing up some ideas, and am interested in receiving feedback. I'll start with the first element that I've finished, the list of monsters.

Appropriate Monsters
Presented here is a list of monsters from the various Bestiary supplements that seem thematically appropriate for more or less historically-based gothic horror adventures. Note that those not from the first of those books are marked with a number indicating the one in which they can be found. As always, of course, the GM should feel free to modify the list based on the desires of the players and the needs of the campaign.

Creature CR
Familiar (various, 1 and 3) Var.
Porcupine (3) 1/4
Skunk (3) 1/4
Dog 1/3
Aasimar 1/2
Badger (2) 1/2
Frog, poison 1/2
Herd animal, antelope 1/2
Ray, stingray (2) 1/2
Vulture (3) 1/2
Dhampir (2) 1/2+
Skinwalker (5) 1/2+
Zombie 1/2+
Herd animal, camel (2) 1
Herd animal, elk (3) 1
Herd animal, ram (2) 1
Hyena 1
Octopus 1
Ray, manta (2) 1
Snake, venomous 1
Spider swarm 1
Squid 1
Wolf 1
Devilbound creature (4) 1+
Lycanthrope, werewolf 1+
Mummified creature (4) 1+
Ape, gorilla 2
Bat swarm 2
Boar 2
Cat, cheetah 2
Cat, leopard 2
Crocodile 2
Devil, imp 2
Eel, electric 2
Lizard, monitor 2
Poltergeist (2) 2
Rat swarm 2
Shark 2
Shark, bull (4) 2
Snake, constrictor 2
Snake swarm (3) 2
Ghost 2+
Mummy lord (5) 2+
Vampire 2+
Vampire, Jiang-Shi (3) 2+
Vampire, nosferatu (4) 2+
Animated object 3
Mosquito swarm (2) 3
Walrus (3) 3
Bear, grizzly 4
Centipede swarm 4
Crab swarm 4
Leech swarm 4
Shark, great white (4) 4
Snake swarm, venomous (3) 4
Tiger 4
Army ant swarm 5
Bear, polar (5) 5
Hippopotamus (2) 5
Mummy 5
Revenant (2) 6
Demon, shadow 7
Demon, succubus 7
Elephant 7

Keep in mind, too, that most of the creatures marked with a + on their CRs—that is, templates that can be applied to characters with class levels—are likely to be the major enemies in adventures and campaigns. For example, Vlad Dracula himself might be a vampire Fighter 6/Wizard 6, totaling CR 13.
So, is there anything that people think should be included?

Thanks for the feedback.

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Re: Gothic Earth

Post by Angel Tarragon » Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:57 pm

Anachronistic Adventures, a 3PP book by Rogue Genius Games, has alternate classes that would be very appropriate for Gothic and modern Pathfinder characters.
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Re: Gothic Earth

Post by timemrick » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:03 pm

Have you looked at Horror Adventures? I don't own it, so don't know if it addresses Gothic horror specifically, but I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if it it did not.
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Re: Gothic Earth

Post by Havard » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:01 am

There is also the Gothic Earth of Masque of the Red Death. Are you making this very different from that setting? :)


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