"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." — Edgar Allan Poe
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Post by Havard »

Outside of Undead, Lycanthropes and other typically Gothic style monsters (Golems etc), would you use any standard D&D/AD&D monsters in the Gothic Earth?


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Re: Monsters

Post by thorr-kan »

Half-orcs are "caliban" and half-elfs are "ariels." Fluff them as unseelie and seelie fae remnants or touched or desendants.

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Re: Monsters

Post by agathokles »

You can of course use any literary monster, with some adaptation. For example, the Medusa, Sphinx, and other monsters from Greek mythology. That said, MotRD is clearly linked to a genre, and it would be disruptive to use, say, dragons or orcs.


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Re: Monsters

Post by ripvanwormer »

As a first pass, I'd look through the monster suggestions in the HREF series and give them a Gothic horror twist. As a second pass, look through all the monster books you have available and think of how each creature might fit into the setting.

"Villains of Gothic Earth" in the Dragon Annual #2 (1997) included a yuan-ti, a jermlaine, a githyanki, a jackalwere, a beholder, a wererat, a sahuagin, and an odem all written to make sense in the world of Gothic Earth. Some of them were formerly humans transformed by the Red Death. The githyanki was summoned from the Astral Plane by a human metaphysician using an occult electrical device. The beholder is worshiped as a god in a remote village in Madagascar; it might have been human once or it might have traveled to Gothic Earth via planar travel or spelljamming. The sahuagin is a member of a tribe that once harassed much of the eastern North American coast in pre-Columbian times. The jermlaine is a member of a malevolent species of little people that's haunted the Appalachians since time immemorial.

For Faerie, Queen, and Country might be good inspiration for a Victorian Earth where supernatural creatures are more integrated into human society.

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Re: Monsters

Post by Corsair14 »

Its more modern and not horror per say but check out Larry Corria's(?) Monster Hunter International book series. Its a really good way to realistically involve more classic DnD monsters and races in the real world. Off the top of my head theres a dragon that lives under Las Vegas who owns large corporations and a casino and makes money on the stock market without ever having to leave its lair. The fey still are active in the real world, you simply don't know they are there and pissing off the court is a good way to have the Great Hunt come after you. Most orc tribes are in very out of the way places and try not to get noticed. Elves could probably pull an Underworld Vampire society kind of vibe, but instead live in trailer parks, do magic, drink, and watch NASCAR. Gnomes came over from Europe and live in the ghettos and watched Boyz in the Hood too many times and keep pet hell hounds instead of pitbulls.

Trolls still exist, the great Old ones are still trying to break into our world, various gods still vie for power, and New Orleans is not a friendly place. Now just use the ideas and figure out how they would work in the 1890s.

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Re: Monsters

Post by The Dark »

ripvanwormer wrote:As a first pass, I'd look through the monster suggestions in the HREF series and give them a Gothic horror twist.
James Wyatt had an article in Dragon #249 that did this, titled "Seeds of Evil."

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Re: Monsters

Post by ripvanwormer »


- In the menagerie of a powerful British noble, a sad, bedraggled creature is caged: the last of the unicorns.
- A mad scientist defends his creations with creatures of his own devising, "unicorns" made from horses spliced with goats, narwhals, and lions: maddened, deformed things, abominations of science, in constant pain. Deeper within, still stranger creatures exist: manticores, griffins, vampire roses, grab grass, killer trees, amber lotus flowers.
- In distant Afghanistan, wild unicorns still roam, fierce predators, never tamed by man
- The Red Death has corrupted the unicorns, transforming them into night-black, fiery steeds for the Unseelie Court, excepting one, trapped in human form (possibly a PC) who seeks redemption for her kind and their restoration into their original forms.


- In rural France, an accursed aristocrat dwells in a gloomy mansion. The Red Death has transformed him into a beast with the head of a bull, and he demands a yearly tribute of maidens from the local village.


- The Industrial Revolution has inspired new kinds of fey, mischievous creatures bent on tampering with and sabotaging manifestations of technology. Gremlins commonly infest factories, printing presses, steamships, and railroads. Some believe they were household spirits, brownies and boggarts and the like, just a generation ago but they've evolved with the times. All are mischievous, but some are malevolent or outright demonic.

Death demons:

- Ancient Etruscan spirits, also known as Ostegos, these entities were found in subterranean ruins in Italy, but they've followed stolen artifacts into the homes of wealthy collectors of antiquities and museums. Now in new environments, they've made themselves at home and collect souls in the name of their god Orcus. In their home country, some serve as slaves or even patrons to powerful families, some with criminal ties, and they can be dispatched by them to wreak vengeance.

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Re: Monsters

Post by Princess Strega »

:shock: :cool: Great stuff, Rip! will definitely be swiping these ideas for Malathéa!

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Re: Monsters

Post by Bloodsucker »

You can use the Yeti and the Dragonlance critter that looks like Bigfoot. Any of the normal or giant animals. The Dinosaurs and Pleistocene mega-fauna for a Hollow Earth or Lost World kinda thing. As was mentioned in an earlier comment, any of the Greek stuff, satyr, centaur, minotaur, etc...etc. Any of the demons, devils and angels(I know there official names, I never agreed with the name change.) I working on a lake monster, a Facebook friend wrote up the Hodag a regional critter from Wisconsin. I use the Seelie and Unseelie and a few other fairies in a pocket dimension sort of situation. Theres a Dungeon magazine adventure with a couple of humanoid types including an Ettin in a freak show. I say if you can think of a reason for a creature being there that works for me.

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