New/Unique Magical Items in Thunder Rift

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New/Unique Magical Items in Thunder Rift

Post by Gravesguardian »

Yep, just like the title says I'ld like to start a list of Magical Items that were introduced in Thunder Rift products only. (Both Canon and Accepted: ie. The Dragon's Den boxset is accepted as being in Thunder Rift, regardless of that silly map.)

Quest for the Silver Sword
#1. Room 5: Dining Room - a small silver bell, untarnished & magnificently crafted. When rang it causes a fine meal to spring into being. The food will be exactly as desired by the character who rang the bell, reflecting his or her own personal tastes. Thereafter in order to use the bell a character must state the food desired and then ring the instrument vigorously. Usable 3 times per day.
Assault on Raven's Ruin
#1. Room 12: Treasure Room - Scepter of Truth: causes all who are touched to speak the truth.
#2. Room 15: Raven's Room - Carving of Restful Sleep: When hung on a wall, this cursed item causes anyone in the room to fall asleep, no Save. The item may be broken or burned easily.
The Knight of Newts
#14: Dressing Room - Orb & Chest caused Castle Kraal to fall into the Black Swamp. Once at a depth of 12 feet below the water table, the Orb expended all of its magic.
In the Phantom's Wake
#1. Location 8: Officer's Quarters - Torture Bracelet: If worn: "You scream in agony and buckle at the waist, falling to the floor. The delicate gold chain flies up and connects the bracelets together, wrapping itself around your ankles as well - effectively hog-tying you. You can feel your heartbeat pulse in your fingers and toes as the chain strangles your circulation. If you are alone, then the adventure ends." (Kills w/in 10 minutes. Can be affected by magical weapons or Dispel Magic.)
#2. Location 13: Storage/Hold - Astrolabe of Henrik: see pg. 13 of said adventure.
Sword and Shield
#1. Room 1: Player's Guest Room - Skeleton Key: grants an Open Locks score of 25% (as per a 3rd level Thief).
Rage of the Rakasta
#1. Room 2: Parlor - Ivory Matches (3) function as a Magic Missile spell cast by a 1st level Magic-User.
#2. Room 4: Bedroom - Magical Lantern (only works in this room).
#3. Room 4: Bedroom - Flowers: Red (3) heal 1d4 hp, Blue (3) Poison (save or die), Yellow (3) if tossed into a fire, act as a Fireball spell as cast by a 3rd level Magic-User, White (3) if added to boiling water, makes a tea of Cure Blindness.
#4. Room 7: Dining Room - Shadow Suit: +25% to Thieves Hide in Shadows or flat 25% for non-Thieves.
#5. Room 9: Parlor - Gong: heals all injures suffered (hp only) & summons a wandering monster.
#6. Room 14: Tea Room - Tea Pot: keeps any liquid poured into it hot. Initially found w/ a tea inside that raises Prime Requisite by 1 point (only works once per individual. In case of multiple PR's roll randomly for which gets the point increase.).
#7. Room 15: Private Temple - Zenchoo Katana: Katana +3, Lawful w/ Clairvoyance 3 times per day.
#8. Cat's Eye Ring: grants infravision equal to Dwarf, Elf or Rakasta.
#9. Climbing Claws: special type of Toratsume that gives Thieves a +10% to Climb Walls or non-Thieves a flat 10%.
The Dragon's Den: Wild Dragon Den
#1. Black Dragonscale Shield covers - take only 1/2 or 1/4 damage from Black Dragon acid breath ONLY.
#2. Room #20: Dragonscale Cleric's Chamber - Dragonscale Chestplate - acts as a Shield +1 and takes only 1/2 or 1/4 damage from a Black Dragons acid breath.
#3. Room #20: Dragonscale Cleric's Chamber - Gem of Protection vs. Sleep & Charm (does what it says.)
The Dragon's Den: Wyrmhaven
#1. Location #5: Troglodyte Warrior - Wand of Bug Repellant: drives away all normal-sized insects in a 5 foot radius sphere.
#2. Location #10: Females Dormitory - Coin of Satisfaction: Face of Bargle on a gold coin, cursed so that whoever picks it up refuses all other treasure believing this coin to be the greatest treasure of all.
#3. Location #12: Cleric's Chamber - Amulet of Many Colors: makes ones skin color bright orange & is permanent w/o a Remove Curse.
#4. Location #12: Cleric's Chamber - Helm of Forgetting: makes the wearer forget everything they know for 1d6 turns.
The Dragon's Den: League of the Red Serpent
#1. Location #6: Troll & Bugbear Corridor: Firegoad Wand - usable by any class & does 1d6 fire damage on a successful hit roll.
The Goblin's Lair: Red Hand Trail, Trouble Below, Palace of Dread
No new magical items
The Haunted Tower: Fighter's Academy, Tower's of Evil, Lair of the Vampire Lord
#1. Potion of Restoration: restores 1 level lost to energy drain.
Way with Words
No new magical items.
DragonQuest: A Call to Glory, The Eisenmond Blade, Jaws of Flame
#1. Kur's Drink: Heals 2d4 HP
#2. Jamnar: 2-handed sword +2, +4 vs Dragons made of the Eisenkern nugget of Eisenmond ore. (Melts into a pool of worthless metal if Estorax Rex is slain.)
#3. Dwarven Helm: Helm of Protection +1
#4. Crystal Ball: affects Int, Wis or Con scores either +1 or -1 permanently.
Escape from Thunder Rift
#1. Room 2: Cloak Room - Horseshoe of Luck: +1 to all saving throws.
#2. Room 18: Gaurdian of the Pool - Dimesnional Pool - see page 31 of said adventure (requires the properly linked Talisman in order to change locations.)
#3. Abelaat's Crystals: see page 31 of said adventure.

Can anyone think of any I missed?

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Re: New/Unique Magical Items in Thunder Rift

Post by Havard »

That is a great compilation! Really useful! :)


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Re: New/Unique Magical Items in Thunder Rift

Post by Gravesguardian »

Thanks, I typed it up as I picked thru each of the adventures. I never realized just how many new magical items were introduced via Thunder Rift 'til I finished it.

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