[Whiteleaf] Founding Documents of the Empire

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[Whiteleaf] Founding Documents of the Empire

Post by willpell » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:42 pm

Enshrined in a museum within the Imperial Castle, four large scrolls of paper hold the foundation of the entire culture of the Tradespeak Empire. Though three of them are perfectly ordinary paper and ink, they represent such a cornerstone of the peace and prosperity on which the lives of a population in the millions depend, and are so fundamental to upholding the design of the Celestials, that it is actually possible to obtain sorcerer powers simply by dedicating one's soul to the service of the Imperium's ideals, reading all four documents and then swearing an oath to serve the principles they represent.

* The Celestine Compact
* The Proclamation of Interdependence
* The Charter of Liberties
* Speech of the First Emperor

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