Want to participate in a D&D "Known World" Twitch Show?

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Want to participate in a D&D "Known World" Twitch Show?

Post by ido_tamir »

Hi everyone!

My name is Ido, 42yo from Israel and I'm in the process of creating a campaign with the purpose of streaming it - a Twitch D&D show based on BECMI and the "Known World". I plan for a weekly 2-hour session, every Sunday at 12:00 PM PST (which is 21:00 GMT+2 in Israel), starting in a couple of months.

I'm looking for 4 English speaking players of all genders who are over 18, able to show up consistently and on time, have a quiet place to log in from and are using a good webcam and a great microphone. Newbies most welcome! Some online presence (youtube, twitch, twitter) is an advantage ;-)

This is a non-profit endeavor! It's all about showing our affection to BECMI and Mystara by playing the game we all love, and hopefully entertaining some viewers...

Generally speaking, my campaigns are all about freedom of player choice without being too "sandboxy" (meaning, there is an overarching story). If you want to see me DMing and get a taste of my style and approach, you are most welcome to visit my YouTube channel here: http://youtube.com/idotamir

Interested in participating? Ping me here and we'll take it offline.


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Re: Want to participate in a D&D "Known World" Twitch Show?

Post by Sturm »

Unfortunately I have not the possibility to play live, but if you get to start the adventures please let us know in the Mystara forum!
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Re: Want to participate in a D&D "Known World" Twitch Show?

Post by Lancer_021 »

Eh, I'd have sent you a PM, if it was possible for me to play at such times. I'm in a GMT+4 zone so the games would happen really late, while I work early on Mondays... Too bad, it would have been great.

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