The Gygax Gem

"For in ages past, beyond memory and word, in the first blush of the world, Dragons terrible and great made war on this world of Krynn."
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The Gygax Gem

Post by Falconer »

Someone on Facebook recently made a Freudian slip (or autocorrect slip??) and referred to the Gygax Gem, i.e., obviously he meant the Graystone Gem. I thought this could be a fun little homage in a homebrew version of Krynn, to call it the Gygax Gem. In a way it makes sense; AD&D is a hodgepodge of all these fantasy races that Gary threw together, and the Gem is what mythologically transformed Krynn’s elegant 3-race world into a hodgepodge like that!
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Re: The Gygax Gem

Post by Havard »

The Graygem of Gargath? Yep, I always assumed it was a homage to Gary.

I think almost every setting has something like this? :)


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Re: The Gygax Gem

Post by redking »

The precise powers of the Graygem have never been written up!

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