[GazH] Elven Migrations

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Re: [GazH] Elven Migrations

Post by Planefarer »

BC 500 ???
Shiye -> Shyre Lawr (declared elven kingdom)
Not sure if there was much contention here though. I think the only point was about the Shiye BC 500 date. So far I like the previous explanation that the Shiye came over on the Rainbow Path in BC 800, but it wasn't until BC 500 that they founded their kingdom. So unless there is a problem with that, I say we go with it.
Perhaps they had already founded their kingdoms, and BC 500 is the date it received official recognition within the Alphatian Empire. Doesn't really make a difference, however. ;)
That's what I meant to say (but didn't say well). I'm sure they would have had some form of government in place shortly after they arrived on Alphatia, but I like the BC 500 date for when Alphatia proper recognizes them as a kingdom.
Bear in mind that we have no idea if there were ANY Alphatian kingdoms at all that far back. Any and all Alphatian kingdoms could have been established only around or shortly before BC 500.

I've never seen any indication that Alphatia established kingdoms immediately after Landfall. They settled areas like Aasla, Bellissaria, Floating Ar, and Citadel soon after, yes, but we don't know if the structure of individual kingdoms was in place at that time.

And even if it were, it doesn't sound like a stretch to me that the elves might spend 300 years building their community large enough to seek recognition of their borders. For elves that is still a relatively short time.

Or maybe the Alphatian subjugation of the lands of the Alphatian continent just took so long that the elves didn't feel a need to petition for their own kingdom until BC 500.
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Re: [GazH] Elven Migrations

Post by Hugin »

stanles wrote:John and Sheldon, what is the most up to date article?

I'll try and get one re-posted tomorrow (unless John beats me to it).

My work on the GazH project (and everything else for that matter) has slowed to a crawl the last few weeks as work at the office (and other life stuff) has gotten very busy. But that will be a normal phase that I go into and out of as the project goes on (this is a long-term project that has many facets to it).

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Re: [GazH] Elven Migrations

Post by Hugin »

Alright Shawn, here it is. Sorry for the delay.
Note to readers: Most of these dates are very approximate and should be considered as "circa".

BC 4000 - BC 3000
Southern (Grunland/Vulcanian) Elves -> Blackmoor colonists

BC 3000
Blackmoor colonists -> perished in GRoF
Blackmoor colonists (outpost at Sylvan Realm) -> joined Ilsundal's group
Blackmoor colonists (polar research outpost) -> Shadow Elf & Schattenalfen ancestors (seek shelter underground)
Blackmoor colonists (near Urzud) -> Wendarian elves (manage to survive above ground), Dark Elves (retreat underground near Mengul Mts.)

BC 2800
Vulcania Elves -> Returnists (nature loving elves under Ilsundal begin northward migrations)
Vulcania Elves -> Technologists (remain in Vulcania and presumably still practice Blackmoorian technology)

BC 2500
Vulcania Elves -> Second Separatists (begin their own migration - Belcadiz, Truedyl, Icevale, Sheyallia, and perhaps others that perished)
Schattenalfen ancestors -> Atziann's splinter group clan (found first Aengmor)

BC 2400
Vulcania Elves -> presumed destroyed and never heard from again
Vulcania Elves -> wild antarctic elves (VotPA)
Vulcania Elves -> Blacklore Elves (in HW)

BC 2300
Returnists + Second Separatists -> Ilsundal's Migration (both groups of Vulcanian elves meet up in the Savage Coast).

BC 2200
Ilsundal's Migration-> Glantrian Elves (Icevale)
Ilsundal's Migration -> Glantrian Elves (Truedyl), others

BC 2100
Ilsundal's Migration -> Meditor and Verdier settle in southern Karameikos
Ilsundal's Migration -> Sylvan Realm (the Returnists reach their final destination, reunite with elves there)

BC 1950
Shadow Elf splinter group -> Glantrian (Schattenalfen) Elves (a small band of elves moves back to the surface forming the Schattenalfen clan, though they have no contact with others of their kind)

BC 1750
Atziann's clan -> (resurfaces to live by Schattenalfen group in Glantri)

BC 1700
Glantrian Elves -> Schattenalfen (driven underground, rejoin main Shadow Elves group)
Glantrian Elves -> Icevale elves (in HW)
Glantrian Elves -> Truedyl & Belcadiz (travel underground but will reemerge c. 1650 BC)

BC 1650
Truedyl & Belcadiz emerge from underground (Truedyl in the Five Shires, Belcadiz in Thyatis)
Truedyl -> Gentle Folk

BC 1420 - 1402
Shadow Elf ancestors & Schattenalfen -> Aengmor (this is the second founding of Aengmor)

BC 1395
Schattenalfen, Aengmor -> Schattenalfen, Hollow World (from Aengmor, a small group of elves is sent on an expedition and find the HW)

BC 1290
Shadow Elf ancestors & Schattenalfen, Aengmor -> the city is surrounded by lava and all elves flee.

BC 1104
Shadow Elf ancestors -> Shadow Elves (find Refuge of the Stone)

BC 1000
Gentle Folk -> destroyed on OW, and moved to HW

BC 800
Sylvan Realm -> Alfheim (Mealiden leads his followers across Rainbow to found Alfheim)
Sylvan Realm -> Callarii (split from Mealiden colonists)
Sylvan Realm -> Shiye (split from Mealiden colonists under Eiryndul, take Rainbow Path to Alphatia)
Sylvan Realm -> Trueflower clan (Ilsundal followers left on Great Escarpment on IoD - M5)

BC 500 ???
Shiye -> Shyre Lawr (declared elven kingdom)

AC 600
Sylvan Realm -> Alfheim (Feadiel)

AC 700
Belcadiz return to Glantri
AC 730
Alfheim -> Glantri (Erewan)

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Re: [GazH] Elven Migrations

Post by Chimpman »

Thanks for posting this Hugin. It looks good.
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Re: [GazH] Elven Migrations

Post by stanles »

Hugin wrote:Alright Shawn, here it is. Sorry for the delay.
cheers Sheldon
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