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Mystara Community Projects

Post by Ashtagon »

Atlas of Mystara
OldDawg Presents: GazF Mystara
Mystara 3E Conversion Project
Mystara Database Project
Major Fan Productions List
Mystara Space Project
Mystara Modules and Placement
Mystara Acronyms

I will add more community projects to this thread as we create them. Please try to keep chit-chat out from this thread. kthx.

urls updated to reflect new domain name.
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Re: Community Projects

Post by BardicFire »

Some Community Projects I'm starting:

* Geo-Informative Maps of Mystara, Main Thread Link: ... =21&t=7346
(this one falls under the Atlas of Mystara as it's intended to be part of it)

* Gazetteer: The Music, Main Thread Link:

* Thorf Secret Project's Continuing Development Team
(just thought I'd mention this, I'm trying to coordinate a team to continue development of Thorf's Secret Projects.)

Hope it was okay that I posted this here, figured if it wasn't you'd just delete it.
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Re: Mystara Community Projects

Post by Sturm »

Threshold is certainly a Community Project right?

But couldn't this thread be merged with Fan Production Overview above?
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