[Pelinore.org] Geography of Pelinore

"The World of Pelinore is flat - everyone knows that…"
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[Pelinore.org] Geography of Pelinore

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Geography of Pelinore
Pelinore.org wrote:For those who don’t know or who are incapable of accepting the truth, the world of Pelinore is flat. At its centre, where harmony reigns supreme, is Worldheart; a place so totally incomprehensible to mortals that they most likely would not recognise it if they found it. Worldheart is the goal of all those who would seek physical immortality, although the frame of mind needed to achieve such a goal evades many if not all those who would seek it.

Moving away from Worldheart, one would find the Perfect Kingdoms which is home of the exalted ones that walk with the Seven Great Kings. Even farther from Worldheart and the Perfect Kingdoms, the traveller would find that harmony yields to increasingly greater degrees of conflict between absolute extremes of law and chaos, good and evil. It is here that the traveller may pass through realms such as Dontaldur, the Splintered Lands, The Tradecities of Xir, the Theocratic Principalities, and the Domains. This is where the power struggles of the gods, whose influence diminishes the closer they come to Worldheart, are fought out vicariously through the denizens of those lands: human, demi-human, humanoid, and monstrous; each having their own variety of cultures, creeds, and gods. These are the lands of adventure where fame (or infamy) can be sought and fortunes can be made or broken.

As one travels even closer to the Rim, one would find that absolutes reign; bringing new forms into existence and where even the gods do not remain unchanged. Then finally, beyond the edge of the world, there lies a plain grey land that stretches farther than any mortal can imagine; reaching out as far as the void from where the gods came and where existence otherwise has no meaning.

The Domains

The City League
The Domains

Written by PelinoreRevived! Tuesday, 19 October 2010 15:26

Located at the mouth of the River Lygol, the City League stands at the confluence of major land and sea trading routes from the Tradecities of Xir and the Theocratic Principalities in the West to the Splintered Lands and the Kingdom of Dontaldur in the East. As a result, the City League is one of the most wealthy and cosmpolitan metropoli to be found in Pelinore.

Further Information

The Duchy of Lygol
The Domains

Written by PelinoreRevived! Tuesday, 19 October 2010 15:16

The Duchy is comprised of three separate domains that, until recently, were independent of each other but have been united by force under Flavus Barnabus the Usurper, Count of Cerwyn and self titled Duke of Lygol.
Further Information

The Province Palatinate of Kosre
The Domains

Written by PelinoreRevived! Tuesday, 19 October 2010 15:20

The city and naval base of Ynys Kosre, capital of the Province Palatinate, was placed under the command of Admiral Sceris Huldoa in the final years of the Empire. Following the Empire’s collapse and the establishment of the Province Palatinate as an independent nation, the title of Port Admiral of the Kosre Fleet became hereditary within the Huldoa family and they claimed to represent the true heirs of Almete’s former greatness. The naval power of Kosre is diminished, however, due to the rise of the other Domains that owe little or nothing to the Imperial legacy, save for the Barony of Kalos which was a former sub-fief and is now a constant insult to the pride of the House of Huldoa.
Further Information
Geography of Pelinore
  • The Domains
    • The City League
    • The Duchy of Lygol
      • The County of Cerwyn
      • The County of Bereduth
      • The Barony of Kalos
      • The Lygol Forest
      • The Merielth Forest
      • The Arncastle Woods
      • The Dark Mountains
    • The Province Palatinate of Kosre
    • Korrath
      • The Kingdom of Korrath
      • The Principality of Korrath
    • The Barony of Poritas
    • The Cammarus See
    • The Kahgaz Mountains
    • The Sarpath Peaks
    • The Lygol Straits
  • Other Places -- (Piazza Discussion)
    • Heruvor (Country)
    • Dontaldur
      • the Barony of Ironfist.
    • The Splintered Lands (archipelago)
    • The Tradecities of Xir
    • The Theocratic Principalities
    • The Steppe Lands
    • Aurianne (Continent) -- (Piazza Discussion)
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