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[Pelinore.org] The Domains

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General Geography - The Domains

Pelinore.org wrote:The following are short descriptions of the different realms that collectively are known as the Domains (The Duchy of Lygol, The City League, The Province Palatinate of Kosre, The Kingdom and Principality of Korrath, The Barony of Poritas, and the Cammarus See). Further information on these realms can be found in the menu to the left of this article.

The Duchy of Lygol: The Duchy is comprised of three separate domains that, until recently, were independent of each other but have been united by force under Flavus Barnabus the Usurper, Count of Cerwyn and self titled Duke of Lygol:

The County of Cerwyn: The home territory of the Flavus Barnabus, Cerwyn lies at the Northern end of the Lygol Valley to the West of the Sarpath Peaks and once boasted the most fertile farmland in the Domains. The former prosperity of the County was owed to its previously close relationship with the City League, where Cerwyn would trade its crops, fine wines and livestock. What is more, the title of Count of Cerwyn also carried with it the title Steward of the Mines; indicating that the Count also benefitted from the income from the rich silver mines near the town of Osport on Cerwyn’s Western border with the Kahgaz Mountains. Due to the ambitions of Flavus Barnabus, however, the County has seen a serious decline in its prosperity, its former wealth having been exhausted to fund the long standing military and political campaigns to unite Cerwyn with Kalos and Bereduth. Disease, famine and pestilence now blight the County and the silver mines have been all but stripped of their riches.

The County of Bereduth: To the South of Cerwyn, higher up the Lygol Valley and on the far side of the dark and dangerous Lygol Forest, lies the County of Bereduth; another of the Domains whose title has been usurped by Flavus Barnabus. Much older and less prosperous than Cerwyn, Bereduth has struggled throughout its history against incursions from humanoid and giant aggressors from the mountain ranges to the East and West, and the wilderness to the South. By the time Bereduth grew to a sizable domain of note, Cerwyn had already established itself to the North and thus the further growth of Bereduth was stunted.

The Barony of Kalos: The Barony of Kalos, to the East of Cerwyn and lying at the Northern extremes of the Sarpath Peaks, broke away from the Province Palatinate of Kosre over 200 years ago, under Hellis Huldoa. Following its secession, the Barony enjoyed prosperity under the House of Kalos despite frequent outbreaks of hostility with its former Kosrean masters. The independence of Kalos was relatively short lived, however, the title of Baron recently having been claimed by Flavus Barnabus.

The City League: The County of Cerwyn surrounds the City League which is older (but not part of) the County and had its beginnings 800 years ago as a collection of small trading towns around the mouth of the river Lygol. Seeking protection from the humanoid clans from the surrounding wilderness, the towns united under an appointed Clerk at Arms (now known as the Katar as the full title is considered to be a mouthful) and, as the towns grew and the suburbs of one became indistinguishable from those of the others, they merged in to one great metropolis that today is called the City League. The city gains its name not only due to its nature as a league of united townships, but also because it measures a full league across from the portals of Westgate to the palaces of the Punctillo in the East.

The Province Palatinate of Kosre: Possibly the greatest human achievement was the seafaring Empire Almete which lasted for thousands of years and, at its height, reached across continents. Nothing much remains of Almete now. Having collapsed roughly 1500 years ago under the weight of its own greed and decadence, there is little remaining physical evidence of its existence except for the occasional ruin or burial site; although there are many sages and scholars of history with access to the necessary records who can attest to its former glory. However, there is one last surviving remnant of that once vast and mighty empire: the Province Palatinate of Kosre, the Eastern most of the group of realms that are collectively known as ‘the Domains’.

The city and naval base of Ynys Kosre, capital of the Province Palatinate, was placed under the command of Admiral Sceris Huldoa in the final years of the Empire. Following the Empire’s collapse and the establishment of the Province Palatinate as an independent nation, the title of Port Admiral of the Kosre Fleet became hereditary within the Huldoa family and they claimed to represent the true heirs of Almete’s former greatness. The naval power of Kosre is diminished, however, due to the rise of the other Domains that owe little or nothing to the Imperial legacy, save for the Barony of Kalos which was a former sub-fief and is now a constant insult to the pride of the House of Huldoa.

The centuries following the collapse of the Empire Almete have seen the naval docks at Ynys Kosre fall into disrepair, although the facilities are still the largest in the region outside of the City League, and the ‘Almetian Fleet’ has become little more than a group of state pirates that prey upon shipping in or near the Lygol Straits. For this reason, Kosre does not enjoy good relations with any of its neighbours meaning that Kosrean merchants, travellers and even coinage are treated with contempt in most places (except for the City League, where the colour of a man’s money counts for nothing and Kosrean coins are exchanged for full value, it would take a skilled negotiator to get more than half of the true value of his coins). Furthermore, there is an intense rivalry between the current Port Admiral and the Duke of Lygol, both of whom have laid a claim to the newly title of Baron of Kalos.

The Principality and Kingdom of Korrath: To the West of Cerwyn, connected only by a mountain pass through the Kahgaz Mountains, lie the Kingdom and the Principality of Korrath.

The Principality of Korrath, which is little more than the port of Emear and its surrounding fields, is the domain traditionally conferred upon the second born of the monarch of the Kingdom of Korrath, but only for the lifetime of the King or Queen. On the death of the monarch, the first born assumes the monarchy and the second born (Prince of Korrath) becomes the High Lord of Korrath, chief adviser of the new monarch and Marshall of the Korrath Army.

The system has ensured stable government under the same family, the House Vos Ambry, for more than 500 years. Provision is made for the monarch to be well schooled in the theory of politics and rulership, while the High Lord has the practical experience and cannot cause too much harm while learning the ropes of government.

The two halves of Korrath have different coinage and legal systems, but a unified feudal army and fiscal policy. All taxes go to the Royal Treasury at Corratical.

In the last 25 years since Flavus Barnabus became Count of Cerwyn, and more recently the Duke of Lygol, the current King Borutes I has offered safe haven and sanctuary to the noble families from Cerwyn, Berduth and Kalos who were dispossessed of their lands and titles. Many of these noblemen and women have entered into the service of the Korrath Army under High Lord Verantian, where they learn the values of chivalry and honour and prepare themselves for the day when Flavus Barnabus can be removed from his place as Count of Cerwyn and Duke of Lygol. Diplomats from the Royal Courts of Korrath have been sent out to the neighbouring domains of the City League, Poritas, Kosre and the Cammarus See to garner support against the Duke. It is for these reasons that travellers who come eastwards through the Kahgaz pass are less than welcome in the Duchy of Lygol.

The Barony of Poritas: (TBD)

The Cammarus See: (TBD)
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