Dejy tribes

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Dejy tribes

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Is there a list of known Dejy tribes anywhere?

Pages 6-7 of the Kingdoms of Kalamar Sourcebook mention the Chors and the Defohy. Are there any more mentioned elsewhere?
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Re: Dejy tribes

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The free preview of the Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands on DriveThruRPG has both locations and some clans/tribes on its last page:
Elos (Murs, Shanjens, Hasheri, Yataks)
Khydoban (Dynaj, Thygasha)
Central Tellene (Defohy, Fitonshir, Chors, Ridijo, Shan-Gyr)
North/Wild Lands (Chinotan, Anyth, Byth, Thondehe, Evony, Tharay, Narhino)
Malavla (Malavla)
Svimohzia (Simay, Vohven*)

Goods and Gear also has equipment listed as coming from Dejy in Obakasek, Torakki, and Slennish, which I think are all locations, but AFAIK no tribes are listed for those locations. It also has quite a bit of equipment described as coming from specific tribes.

*Vohven is a jungle, but the way they're described sounds like there's one scattered tribe in the jungle. It's a bit unclear.

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