[cartography] Dorakaa map up on Greyhawkery

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[cartography] Dorakaa map up on Greyhawkery

Post by Big Mac » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:33 pm

The Greyhawkery blog has a nifty looking map of Dorakaa up on it today: New Greyhawk Map: Dorakaa:
Mike Bridges at Greyhawkery wrote:New Greyhawk Map: Dorakaa

Hail thee, Greyhawkers! It's still December so I got one more good post for the year and this one will knock your socks off. I'm inspired by the current exploits of the Twitch streaming group Return to Greyhawk. When they come back from their holiday break, hopefully the players or duneonmaster can make use of this ill-gotten new map I acquired on the mean streets of Dorakaa the capital city of the Empire of Iuz.

"Ye Olde Travel Guide to Dorakaa" is an isometric map based on the crude keyed city map found in Carl Sargent's excellent books, Iuz the Evil and the follow-up module City of Skulls. The elements in my map are entirely from these sources and are only semi-spoilery in that any hero with half a brain should know that the city of an evil demigod is a dangerous place to visit. What's charming about the Dorakaa guide is it's intended for visitors to the city; laden with warnings and advice for gullible travelers so that they can survive the city for more than a day. See for yourself and good luck!
I don't know the city myself, so I can't comment on the accuracy, but the cartography is impressive. I suggest you surf over and take a look.
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Re: [cartography] Dorakaa map up on Greyhawkery

Post by mortellan » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:19 am

Thanks for the plug sir!

The locations are totally published canon, the layout of the city is canon (with my own artistic embellishment) and the travel guide commentary is of course mine! :D

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