Pelinore "trial by monster" justice system

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Pelinore "trial by monster" justice system

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I just listened to the Save or Die episode about Pelinore and one of the things that came up was that Pelinore has a legal system involving "trial by monster".

I've not heard about this before, but apparently, a number of monsters are caputured and people accused of certain crimes (I'm not sure what type) can fight and defeat three monsters, in order to be declared innocent. (Apparently, if this happens, the prosecutor of the trial has to fight a forth monster.)

Has anyone used this system in their Pelinore game?

Did you make it single combat against the monster or did you have the entire group of players fighting in a trial?

How did the trial work out? Did you get any players getting killed?

If the players defeated all three monsters, did you play out the battle between the fourth monster and the person who accused the player? How did you run that? Did you let any of the players role for the monster?

I also heard that there is business where adventurers are hired to capture monsters that are used in these trials. Has anyone run monster capture adventures?
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Re: Pelinore "trial by monster" justice system

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So that's where George Lucas came up with Episode 2....

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