TSR D&D Product List 1974-1980

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TSR D&D Product List 1974-1980

Post by Havard » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:30 pm

  • Dungeons & Dragons, by Gygax, Arneson (1974)
  • Supplement I - Greyhawk (1975) - Thief Class
  • Supplement II - Blackmoor (1975) Monk and Assassin Classes
  • Supplement III - Eldritch Wizardry (1976) Druid Class, Psionics
  • Supplement IV Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes (1976)
  • Swords & Spells (1976)
  • Dungeon Geomorphs, Set One: Basic Dungeon, by Gary Gygax ( 1976)
  • D&D "Holmes" (1977)
  • Dungeon Geomorphs, Set Two: Caves & Caverns, by Gary and Ernie Gygax (1977)
  • Dungeons Geomorphs, Set Three: Lower Dungeons,by Gary Gygax (1977)
  • B1 In Search of the Unknown (1979)
  • B2 Keep on the Borderlands (1979)
  • the Dungeon Geomorphs set (1980) - compilation of Dungeon Geomorphs sets 2 and 3.
Anything else that should be mentioned? Note that I am not including AD&D material or BX/BECMI to this list.


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Re: TSR D&D Product List 1974-1980

Post by Big Mac » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:30 pm

I didn't realise that dungeon geomorphs were something that hailed from the OD&D era.

I know there are a few people who have made unofficial sequels to the Supplement series. I've seen people out there making geomorphs. Has anyone made an unofficial "Dungeon Geomorphs, Set Four"?
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