[MtG][Dominaria] Board the Weatherlight

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[MtG][Dominaria] Board the Weatherlight

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The Weatherlight (a flying ship from Magic: the Gathering was recently the subject of an online story called: Return to Dominaria. Now Wizards of the Coast have authorised someone called Reuben Bresler (or @MoxReuby on Twitter) to run an official live Dungeons & Dragons adventure in the M:tG universe called Board the Weatherlight.

Here is the announcement that just got posted on Twitter:
Reuben Bresler @MoxReuby on Twitter wrote:#GPVegas presents: Board the Weatherlight A @Wizards_DnD /@wizards_magic crossover event June 17, 3-6pm After #SoMEDnD & #PTDOM this weekend, see what happens when #dnd and #mtg come together at Grand Prix Las Vegas! Visit https://www.grandprixvegas.com/ for more info! #dnd5e #mtgdom
So this is one small event that is happening inside a Magic: The Gathering convention called Grand Prix Vegas, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

They are not live-streaming the event (so if you want to watch it live, you are going to have to pay to go into the M:tG convention) but he said it would be up on YouTube later. (I'll come back and edit a link into this post if/when it goes up.) He also said he is going to try to find a way to get the adventure online:
Reuben Bresler @MoxReuby on Twitter wrote:A few more details:

The event will be recorded and uploaded soon after its conclusion, but there will be no live stream.

I'm writing the adventure in such a way as to be able to be played by your own playgroup as a 1-shot! I'll find a way to get it out there after.
Sooo. It's possible that Wizards of the Coast will put a Magic: the Gathering D&D adventure set on the Weatherlight, up on the DMs Guild website.
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Re: [MtG][Dominaria] Board the Weatherlight

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I'm vaguely curious, but MTG is pretty much dead to me at this point. I doubt that they're going to have homebrewed up D&D stats for enough of the unique Magic creatures, items and so forth, to make this anything but an insulting joke by my standards.

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