Bullymong: A Symbiotic Player Race

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Bullymong: A Symbiotic Player Race

Post by HawkDiesel » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:36 pm

So first of all, the name needs work. I went with Bullymong since the visual I have in my mind for the larger of the two creatures is a Bullymong from the Borderlands series (not to mention there is that one mission where you need to kill the Bullymong with the symbiotic relationship with a midget psycho), and the smaller of the two in my mind is like Kif from Futurama.

But in essence, this is a unique kind of player race that is actually two individual creatures with their own minds and personalities, but continues to function as a single entity.

I would love feedback on anything and everything you see here.

Bullymongs are the name given to a race of creatures that have such a strong symbiotic relationship that they cannot exist without each other. Each is intelligent and despite them being almost considered a single entity, each half has their own unique personality and perspective. It is unknown how these different creatures came to rely upon one another in such a dramatic fashion.

Communal Society
Bullymongs not only demonstrate working together between their halves, but extend this way of life into their society. Unlike other races, they rarely seek personal wealth and have a diminished sense of property. They tend to work together for the good of all in their community. Homes and goods do not belong to any individual but are rather shared and used by those that may need them at the time.

As such, Bullymongs that become adventurers are less likely to do it for material wealth (unless that wealth is needed by their clan to fulfill some purpose). There are exceptions, as some Bullymongs that were orphaned or exiled from their clan may adopt the ways and values of those around them.

Paired from Birth
When Bullymongs mate, they lay eggs in a communal brood. The eggs all hatch simultaneously, with many believing this is somehow linked to the cycles of the moon. Once a Bulliox chick hatches it begins to cry out. This signals a nearby Mongo pup to crawl to the source of the crying. Once they come in contact, the much smaller Mongo pup instinctively enters a kind of pouch or crevice in the Bulliox’s back. At that moment, a process takes place that cements their link and they are forever bonded as a life pair. Their connection grows as they age, allowing for a psychic link to take hold which allows the Bulliox to perceive through the Mongos senses. While the Mongo and Bulliox may have different temperaments and personalities, they form a deep and caring bond. No matter how often a Mongo and Bulliox might disagree or bicker, they are fiercely protective of one another and able to work in step as a single unit at the drop of a hat.

Strange Biology
The more physically fragile of the two is the Mongo, who contributes sight and hearing to the pair as well as providing a means for the two creatures to take in nutrition. Long ago the Bulliox lost their digestive system, and so the Mongo takes in food and digests it, transferring nutrients into the Bulliox while the Mongo is situated in a special crevice on the Bulliox's back. Meanwhile, the Bulliox is physically much larger and provides a home and protection to the weaker Mongo. In addition, during the transfer of nutrients the Bulliox also absorbs the natural wastes and toxins from the Mongo to process and excrete.

It is unknown how these two creatures came to rely on each other in this unique way. Some believe that they may have co-evolved into this arrangement. Others believe an ancient curse was put upon two enemy clans to force them to have to need each other and work together. Whatever the case, the Bullymong is a creature unlike any other.

Powerful and Curious
Bullymongs are very tough and scary looking creatures to those unfamiliar with them. Often people may confuse them as a rider upon the back of a ferocious mount. While Bullymongs are imposing and often misunderstood, they are typically quite gentle. They have a curious nature and tend to ask questions of strangers and make new friends. They also recognize they are different from most others, and so are happy to stop and answer questions for those who might be curious. However, when it is needed a Bullymong can be a dangerous combatant. Their natural strength is such that they are known to throw massive boulders with ease, or effortlessly leap great distances.

Two in One
While Bullymongs cannot live apart, they are capable of separating and acting independently. It is not something they do often or lightly. Mongos are fragile and weak creatures when away from the protection of their Bulliox. Meanwhile, a Bulliox without their Mongo is completely blind and deaf to the world. This leads them to be protective of one another, and to limit the time they are apart to only when it is absolutely necessary. Those that are forced to be apart for long periods of time slowly wither and they will eventually die. If either a Bulliox or Mongo is killed, the other also immediately dies. Some believe this is from the psychic shock of their connection, while others think it may be that through they are two creatures, they share the same soul.

Bullymong Names
Bullymongs often develop their own names, usually with the Bulliox naming his Mongo, and vice versa. When they share their names with others, they often identify as a single creature by combining their names into one. Aside from this, Bullymongs have no real pattern in naming conventions.

Bullymong Traits
Your Bullymong character has the following racial traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Intelligence score increases by 1. Bullymongs are physically strong but are also curious by nature.

Size. The Bullioxes of Bullymongs typically have a hunched posture and walk with their hands in a manner similar to a gorilla. With this posture they are about the same height as an average human, though they can be more than a foot taller when standing at their full height. However, they are almost as wide as they are tall, and weigh 400 lbs or more on average. The Mongos of Bullymongs are often much more frail in appearance, with the tallest getting up to 4’5” and weighing no more than 75 lbs. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Symbiosis. Bullymongs are actually two creatures that have adapted to the point that they can no longer exist without the other. A Mongo acts as the eyes and ears as well as providing for nutrition. Meanwhile the Bulliox’s strength and toughness provides the fragile Mongo with protection, as well as processing waste and toxins. Due to this nature, the Bulliox and Mongo share a telepathic link through which each can communicate so long as they are on the same plane of existence. While being two independently acting creatures, you count as a single being. As a result, the Bulliox and Mongo share hit points and use the same game statistics. Despite there being two of you, you still only get one action, bonus action, move action, and reaction between the two of you.

The Mongo normally sits in a special crevice on the Bulliox’s back. A Mongo can mount or dismount the Bulliox by using 5 feet of movement. While there, you have all-around vision and cannot being surprised. Additionally, a Mongo cannot be forced to dismount from their Bulliox as a normal mount and rider.

When the Mongo is dismounted, the Bulliox continues to perceive through the Mongo’s senses. However, because of the altered viewing perspective, you suffer disadvantage on any attack rolls, Dexterity checks, and Dexterity saving throws made by the Bulliox. While dismounted from the Bulliox, the Mongo cannot use any class abilities or benefits. Additionally due to its frail nature, while dismounted the Mongo has disadvantage on any ability checks or saving throws that rely on Strength or Constitution.

Symbiotic Dependency. If your Bulliox and Mongo fail to be in physical contact with each other for at least 1 hour during a day, you suffer one level of exhaustion at the end of that day. You can only recover from this exhaustion through magic or by your Bulliox and Mongo being in contact with each other for at least 1 hour.

Four Arms. Your Bulliox has four arms and two legs. You gain one additional object interaction each round and can hold up to two additional items. However, since at least one pair of arms typically assists you with walking, you cannot benefit from using any more shields or weapons than your two-armed peers.

Boulder Toss / Four-Arm Smash. With your Bulliox you can use your action to launch a giant boulder at your enemies. You can launch a boulder up to 60’ away at a point you choose. Each creature within a 10’ radius must make a Dexterity saving throw. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus. A creature takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases to 4d6 at 5th level, 5d6 at 11th level, and 6d6 at 17th level.

After you use your rock throw ability, you can’t use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Rock Throw. You have proficiency in throwing rocks. Throwing rocks are ranged one-handed weapons with the Thrown, Range (20/60), and Ammo properties. Throwing rocks deal 1d10. You can carry a number of rocks equal to your Strength modifier. Once you have exhausted your supply of rocks, you must spend at least one minute to seek out appropriate rocks to replenish your supply.

Great Leap. With your Bulliox your long jump is up to 30 ft. and your high jump is up to 20 ft, with or out without a running start.

Acute Senses. With your Mongo you have proficiency in Perception.

Languages. You know Common.
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Re: Bullymong: A Symbiotic Player Race

Post by HawkDiesel » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:30 am

Did some polishing and added flavor text.

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