[Lejendary Earth] Gygax's Playtest Reports for Hall of Many Panes

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[Lejendary Earth] Gygax's Playtest Reports for Hall of Many Panes

Post by Zenopus » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:30 pm

Gygax's 2005 mega-module Hall of Many Panes (2005), written for his Lejendary Adventures RPG and set on Lejendary Earth (Learth), includes a dungeon level harkening back to his dungeon designs from the 1970s. Last fall I wrote a post where I compared the features of this maps to his earlier designs ---

Gygax's Dungeon Level from Hall of Many Panes

Now, for his 80th birthday anniversary, I've gathered up his 2002 playtest reports for this level. These were originally posted to his Gygax-Games Yahoo Groups list, and are still publicly available in an archive of this group. But the individual posts are hard to find and cumbersome to read in this format, and in possible danger of disappearing at any time, so I've made this compilation ---

Gygax's "Dungeon Delving" Playtest Reports

There are further playtest reports in the Gygax-Games archive from both before and after the dungeon crawl. I hope to index the rest of them when time allows.

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