Christmas Oneshot: Any critique would be helpful.

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Christmas Oneshot: Any critique would be helpful.

Post by thorr-kan » Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:43 pm

This only came together last night. Inspiration hit after midnight, and I spend an hour typing. I'm paying for this today. I run it Friday night.

I am running a one-short for my Al-Qadim Group. We have to fighters, a sha'ir (wizard), a priest, and a priest/thief. They're approaching name level. They're in Muluk, in with the Everlasting, in with the local temple of Kor, and out with the Brotherhood of True Flame and Flamedeath Fellowship.

Bad guy - Jamina al-Mubarak (FM 15), Secrets of the Lamp, ambassador Extraordinary of the Brotherhood of the True Flame within the City of Brass. A geased simulacrum of her is attempting to infiltrate the Muluk palace and seize some <SOMETHING> from the Sorcerer-General, leaving behind evidence that the Blades are responsible for the theft.

The Blades of Fate are contacted by the Everlasting with this information. They provide the Blades with Helm of Opposite Alignment and Oil of Disenchantment to reprogram the simulacrum and remove the geas.

The simulacrum has infiltrated the palace with a cadre of Flamedeath Fellowshipt holy slayers. The characters will meet it just as it seizes it's prices and starts a noisy escape. Complications will be not burning the place down, not harming guards, enemy holy slayers, and attempting to capture the simulacrum.

If they capture the simulacrum and escape, they'll have one final wave of holy slayers to deal with while meeting the Everlasting's representatives. Then how do they clear their name with the Sorcerer-General (whom they are terrified of!)?!

Party goals:
1. Infiltrate the palace.
2. Capture (not kill!) the simulacrum.
3. Convert the simulacrum.
4. Exfiltrate simulacrum and turn over to the Everlasting.
5. Clear their names.

Simulacrum is equipped with:
Potion of Extra-Healing (DMG)
Potion of Fire Breath (DMG)
Oil of Fiery Burning (2) (DMG)
Ring of Animal Friendship (DMG)
Ring of the Vizier (FIREBALL!) (Land of Fate)
Sash of Fire Resistance (A Dozen & One Adventures)
Scarab of Dececption (Land of Fate)

formula for Elixir of Youth
formula for Potion of Longevity
Staff of Power

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Re: Christmas Oneshot: Any critique would be helpful.

Post by Angel Tarragon » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:26 am

I don't have any critique, but I'm looking forward to hearing about how the session goes afterwards.

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