A New Year with New Articles on EN5ider with #251- Intriguing Organizations: Esoteres

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A New Year with New Articles on EN5ider with #251- Intriguing Organizations: Esoteres

Post by Mike Myler » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:32 pm

As we usher in a new year EN5ider is adding a new type of article to the mix: Intriguing Organizations. These cadres of villains, heroes, or monstrous misfits bring a variety of different themes to your gaming table starting off with an enigmatic cult of superlative mathematician-inventors, The Esoteres! By Quinn Callahan. Art by Phil Stone and Claudio Pozas.


Recently on EN5ider:

#251. Intriguing Organizations: Esoteres. Seekers of reality's fundamental truths that are unrelenting in their pursuits, these secretive geniuses craft devices of sublime perfection and trade them for—or take—whatever it is they require to continue their dangerous experiments of discovery!
#250. Savant: Advanced. It's our 250th article! That's a heck of a milestone! Thank you all for your support over the last couple of years. Today's article adds two new aptitudes for the Savant class introduced last month: the medically proficient Chirurgeon, and the knowledge-wielding Coordinator. By Jeremiah McCoy; illustrated by Matthew Berger.
#249. Bezkusmet the Unscaled. Dragons are known to be terrifying but all pale in comparison to Bezkusmet the Unscaled. As his name suggests there is no hue or substance to his draconic scute leaving his musculature and skeleton bared for the world to see, lattices of finger-thick veins and arteries the size of a human’s wrist inexorably pumping blood across his utterly naked body. Only a thin sheen of transparent magic holds Bezkusmet’s organs and muscles in place, the last of the twisted supernatural energies of his birthright all that keeps him intact. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Claudio Pozas and Ekaterinya Vladinakova.
#248. ZEITGEIST #5 (Part 4) - Cauldron Born. The epic adventure path continues. The PCs work with the Risuri Navy to lure the colossus, Borne, out to sea while King Aodhan enacts a ritual to send the creature to the Dreaming.
#247. Magic Item Features. Spice up your magic items a little by randomly determining their history, origins, minor properties, and quirks with nothing by a d8 and a d20! By Ari Marmell.
#246. Savant: Basic Class Information. A brand new 5E class! Savants are first and foremost experts, unique even when compared to arcane or divine sages. Brilliant detectives, iconic martial artists, and adventurous physicians are counted among their number, each utilizing brilliance where others rely on magic or brute power. For a savant, saving the day means turning leverage and knowledge into weaponry. By Jeremiah McCoy; illustrated by Alba Palacio.
#245. Deidre's Ghost. Deirdre's Ghost is a large vessel, sunk long ago. Recently, it has appeared on a rocky shore. This plug-in location includes a description, and plot hooks which include sinister academics, a rusted golem, a ghost, a sea hag, and some kraken eggs... by Ambrose Ingram; illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
#244. Bloodweaver: Advanced Class Information. Following on from last month's Bloodweaver: Basic, and the enormous article Bloodweaver: Tome of Disciplines, we present to you the Crimson Witch and the Scarlet Reaper, a pair of sanguine paths for the bloodweaver to walk! Learn to wield death curses, blood arsenals, and more! by Chris Rippee; illustrated by Julio Racho.
#243. ZEITGEIST #5 (Part 3) - Cauldron Born. The critically-acclaimed adventure path continues! In this thread, the party reacts to the surprise attacks by Zubov’s group. Zubov’s plan is to sow panic amongst the citizens of Flint by perpetrating various attacks throughout the city. By diverting resources away from the peace talks, Zubov hopes to launch a more direct attack on a newly opened subrail station, giving him access to a tunnel that passes near Hotel Aurum. A well-timed explosion will send the building tumbling down.
#242. Ability Check Criticals. Rolling a natural 20 or a natural 1 has never been so much fun! With these ability check critical effects, there are positive and negative tables for physical, social, medicine, knowledge, and arcane style checks. By Jeff Gomez; illustrated by Herman Lau.
#241. Bloodweaver: Tome of Disciplines. This enormous, 15-page article, contains a whole host of disciplines for the Bloodweaverclass introduced in EN5ider earlier this week!
#240. Bloodweaver: Basic Class Information. Bloodweavers use the primal power coursing through their veins to enhance their own abilities, heal or bolster allies, and debilitate or kill their foes. Many fear them for their control over the substance of life but those that can see past this superstitious dread often find powerful allies.
#239. Geomancer: Advanced Class Information. Last month EN5ider, the 5E Patreon, introduced the Geomancer class. In this week's article, Josh Gentry provides you with three new geomancer orders - Order of the Apothecary (mystical healers), Order of the Architect (builders and protectors), and Order of the Rune Knight (wielders of elements in war). Illustrated by Julio Rocha and Tan Ho Sim.
#238. ZEITGEIST #5 (Part 2) - Cauldron Born. The conspiracy continues in Flint's dark underbelly. Now at the king’s command it is time for the Royal Homeland Constabulary to rip this threat from its shadowy womb beneath the haunted mountain named Cauldron Hill and thrust it into the light of day.
#237. Backstory Feats. An adventurer’s background doesn’t need to end when they begin the adventuring life. The skills learned in an adventurer’s past can grow and develop into lifelong skills throughout their adventuring career. This set of 13 feats uses the 13 core backgrounds as prerequisites and represents the advancement and integration of their old skills with their new experience. The Grifter feat allows a character with the charlatan background to fleece marks like a master, and the Old Salt feat allows a character with the sailor background true mastery over the nautical arts.
#236. Expanded Races: Half-Orc. This selection of half-orc subraces includes the barbaric Bloodrager, fiendish Brimskin, deadly Deeplurker, industrious Forgemaker, draconic Scalefang, and the primal Spiritspeaker. By Chris Davies; illustrated by Xanditz.
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