EN5ider #256 - Reputation Rules: Organization Dice

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EN5ider #256 - Reputation Rules: Organization Dice

Post by Mike Myler » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:29 pm

This week on EN5ider we take a look at how to manage PC interactions with organizations in a campaign setting when a faction isn't central to the story. When the rogue has curried favor with the thieves' guild or the paladin declared them heretics use Organization Dice to determine the consequences!


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#256. Reputation Rules: Organization Dice. Whether orders of mages, religious cults, or thieves' guilds any adventuring party is bound to interact with various groups throughout a campaign. Organization Dice give the PCs reputations (both good and bad) that the GM can use to keep easy track of their standing with various factions. In addition to the basic rules for Organization Dice (which can be used to create tables for any organization!) this article covers thieves' guilds—the next time a member of the party runs afoul of a settlement's gang or finds themselves in the good graces of the local criminal underworld pop open this article to see what happens! By Trevor Wiley; illustrated by Renan Costa Moraes.
#255. Villain Spotlight: Granny Buccus. Sweet, maternal, a dab hand in the kitchen, Granny Buccus is the heart of the town of Cridhe Briste. As the town’s baker she provides the people with bread, cakes, and pastries—on special occasions she even makes her famous and beloved Boiled Tarts. The adoring townsfolk don’t even know that they’re under the spell of a succubus, ready and willing to do whatever 'Granny' asks of them!
#254. Paradigm Prestige Class. What makes a dwarven legend heroically dwarven? What about elven myths make them exemplary? The truest champions of these races are paradigms: adventurers that embody the qualities that make their kin unique from others. By zealously embracing their heritage they become paragons that are cherished, lauded, and long-remembered by the communities that spawned them. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Carl Holden.
#253. ZEITGEIST Adventure Path Player's Guide: Part 6 (Prestige Classes). The last installment of the ZEITGEIST Player's Guide for 5th Edition includes simple 3 level prestige classes for playing a planar-fiddling Applied Astronomist, idea manipulating Logos, gun-loving Mad Shootist, ruthless Monument of War, Notorious Celebrity (posse included), scientific Polyhistor, Steamsuit Pilot, a master of cities as an Urban Empath, or a mystical Vekeshi Excoriant.
#252. Marks of Renown. Andrew Engelbrite has conjured an intriguing rule option to make the game's adventuring party truly feel like they're a part of the world!
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