[Podcast] How Critical Role Ruled MCM London Comic Con

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[Podcast] How Critical Role Ruled MCM London Comic Con

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https://rolistespod.com/2019/05/19/that ... -part-one/

Once upon a time, a friendly group of Dungeons & Dragons streamers travelled together to London for the first time…

…little did they know…

…the London Excel Centre was too small to host their HORDES of European fans.

Here come the CRITTERS! Soooo many of them:
  • Meet first a Danish group featuring Beauregard (Amelie), Caleb and a not quite ready Jester;
  • Then, join us for a Press Q&A with Kane Hodder, actor, author and stuntman know for his multiple performances as Jason Voorhees (not a Critter as far as I know);
  • Be introduced to the absolutely lovely and not dangerous at all Lord and Lady Briarwood with Nor Frosch as Delilah and Ta Dahh as Sylas;
  • More amazing cosplay this time with Sina aka XAigueMarineX as Keyleth aka “Kiki”;
  • Back in the Press Room, to meet voice actor, singer and D&D player Zach Callisson known for his role as Steven Universe, and also part of the crew of Dark & Dicey;
  • Gregg “Cabe” Bond self qualified Arcanite, Critter and hugger;
  • More Press Room with Vic Mignogna, actor and musician known for his voice-over work as Elric in “Full Metal Alchemist” and Broly in “Dragonball Z” as well as his role as James T Kirk in the web series “Star Trek Continues“;
  • And finally Talula Burtram Critter and comic books author of Bajo-Mano and Rogue & Warrior.

…that was quite a list.

Please check out everyone above, and let them know if like me you like their awesome work. See you soon for a Bonus episode featuring, finally, the first of the two Critical Role panel which took place last at MCM London Comic Con.

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