Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

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Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

Post by Big Mac » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:57 pm

I'm wondering how many people there are out there who:
  1. Like 5th Edition Dungoens & Dragons and
  2. Are interested in playing Spelljammer
If you like both of these things, let me know what aspects of 5e and Spelljammer you like.

And let me know where you think that 5th Edition can give new things to Spelljammer.

Do you keep the original Spelljammer setting?

Do you use Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon, The Astromiundi Cluster or something based on 4th Edition Astral Sea stuff?

Do you do something else with Spelljammer?
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Re: Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

Post by Coronoides » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:43 pm

I’m pretty new to Spelljammer but 5th Edition brought me back to D&D. The streamlined system of 5e would seem to be a good fit for the swashbuckling style of Spelljammer. Some recent WOTC 5e books have had bit of Spelljammer in them like Stardock and helms.
I’d stick pretty close to the 2e Spelljammer lore. Why reinvent the wheel and risk getting fans off-side? I hear recent 5e tidbits indicate the 4e Astral sea stuff is gone (but I know zero 4e lore).

Is there a DM’s Guild source for 5e versions of Spelljammer races? If so is it any good? If not I enjoy making races, what are the must have races of Spelljammer?
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Re: Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

Post by Bullfrog » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:18 pm

The very first campaign I ran using 5e was based on the Shadow of the Spider Moon material. I have since updated that setting to include the official 5e versions of Neogi and Giff along with advancing the timeline by around 100 years or so. This allowed for uneasy alliances of the Drow, Illithids, and the EIN against a new extrasolar threat while still enjoying a lot of intrigue between those powers.
I found that converting the SotSM rules for Spelljamming to 5e was a breeze and equipment converted easily with little or no adjustments required.
I will definitely be revisiting SotSM 5e again soon.

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Re: Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

Post by Ahzad » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:44 pm

I've started playing D&D with the Moldvay basic edition back in 1980, and have played every edition since. I currently DM 5e and really enjoy that ruleset. As I've gotten older, and my players have gotten older we've come to enjoy the simplicity of a "rules-light" edition, and modern game design.

I've transitioned away from the face to face games to a virtual tabletop, started with Roll20 and after about a year I think, I've moved to Fantasy Grounds. I would prefer the face to face games, but as we get older and folks move away it got harder and harder to line up schedules, this allows most of the old group to continue to play together.

Now to answer your questions:
I like 5e for the modern game design and the simplicity of the ruleset, most of it is logical and makes sense. I've added a new player here and there on occasion and the 5e ruleset is very easy to pick up and learn. I sometimes miss the 2e kits, or the 3e prestige classes, but if I feel i'm missing something I can always adapt if I need to.

Spelljammer is my favorite setting in D&D period. I love the idea of swashbuckling in space. I use the original setting with my own touches, as most DM's do. I tend to a bit more grim/dark, my major influences when doing homebrew or a sandbox setting like SJ, are the Black Company, the Thieves World novels, REH's Conan, Lankmahr, & HPL, and things along those lines, but I'm not opposed to tossing a little levity in there on occasion.

There's very little about SJ that I don't like, but there are a few. Some of the sillier elements I've just ignored and never use. I've never cared for the silliness of how the gnomes are portrayed. I enjoy it in the SJ novels, or the DL setting, but for me to run a game it's not what I prefer. I still use them as tinker-style gnomes, but with a bit more seriousness and less giant space hamsters. I don't use the Dohwar never cared for them, and things like that.
I use the established "cosmology" when it comes to the spheres. I created a sphere map many, many years ago with all the "cannon" spheres throughout the SJ product line (i've seen others use/adapt it over the years and make it much better), but I try to avoid the big 3, (GH, FR, & DL), and some of the more "goofy" spheres when possible.
I love the Imperial Elven Navy, the Scro, the Illithid's, The Rock of Bral, The Arcane and Neogi and the Unhuman Wars are all great stuff. I love the Spelljammer (not the box set mind you. I prefer it to be a mysterious/wondrous thing). Giff are wonderful, and in my campaigns the DL minotaurs are very much in space and are very Roman-legion themed.
The ships are great fun with the Nautiloid being my favorite. I do miss the ship to ship combat rules from the War Captain's Companion, but I'm working on a hopefully simplified set based around the ship rules that came out of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, with a few ideas from Starfinder's ship to ship combat.

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Re: Who likes 5th Edition D&D and Spelljammer?

Post by Boddynock » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:04 am

The biggest appeal to me in 5e was the way they handled races. I found a very good Giff write-up and build for 5e that let play Giff without having to break too much of a sweat over the numbers. I think 3e, specifically the 3e write-up found on the Spelljammer webpage made them difficult to play. I feel like with 5e I could make some reasonable facsimiles of the Spelljammer races found in Complete Spacefarer's Guide. It would never be perfect, but it would hit the spots I would want it to hit.

As for what I'd keep and what I'd leave in the setting. I'd keep a good deal of it, but probably not emphasize certain things. I have no problem that a man from Krynn could take a ship over to Forgotten Realms. However, most of my games would take place in either custom spheres or spheres where Spelljammer is the big thing - like Bralspace. If I had any changes I would like to make, I think I'd first open up Astromundi to the outside and dump the rules that I believe kept you trapped there. I would also emphasize factions like the IEN, the Shou, the Giff Free Companies, and the Scro as players in the great game for control of the galaxy.

I only read Shadow of the Spider Moon once or twice, but I'm sure I could pull a few things from it. Make the Drow some side players, though I would not give them Neogi ships. I would emphasize their Jade Spider Fleet from War Captain's Companion. Also I would make Gnomish stuff work a little more effectively and not just wholly be a punchline where every race gasps and shudders about Gnome equipment. That, or I would at least give some space and attention to the Tinker's rivals, the Illusionist Gnomes who are effective magicians.
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