[YouTube] John Campea's Custom Made D&D Table

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[YouTube] John Campea's Custom Made D&D Table

Post by Havard »

(Click on image for video)

John Campea is a Youtuber who usually talks about movies, but he is also Magic the Gathering and RPGs like Star Wars (WEG) and D&D. It probably helps that his wife works at Hasbro and she is running a D&D campaign at their home. Anyway, the video linked above shows the new D&D table they had custom made for their group.

I personally like that the table screen shows the Red Box BECMI cover in parts of the video :ugeek:


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Re: [YouTube] John Campea's Custom Made D&D Table

Post by Tim Baker »

I've seen several tables that incorporate a monitor, but this one's particularly innovative. I really like how it has USB chargers for the players' phones and cubbies for dice and books. Nice use of space.

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