Halflings in the Hollow World?

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Halflings in the Hollow World?

Post by Havard » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:40 pm

Halflings make up one of the 7 core classes in BECMI D&D. As such, I think Mystara in general has done them a disservice and the Hollow World in particular. BECMI is probably one of the few systems/editions where Halflings are a pretty awesome PC option too.

So, if you want to play a Halfling who is native to the Hollow World, your only official option seems to be the Merry Pirate Isles.

What are other possible Halfling lands in the Hollow World?

I could see some Arctic Halflings living among the Antalians or Beastmen? Perhaps related to the Hin of Leehashire?

The Gentle Folk were known to associate with the Shaerdon Halflings, but why were only the elves preserved? Could there be a realm of Halflings near the Gentle Folk? If so, what would their culture be like? Lalor would still be a living language. Could they be even more closely tied to the Blackflame, or would this be a pre-Blackflame culture?

I personally like the idea of the Karimari being Jungle Halflings. If so, could similar Halflings exist near the Tanogoro?

What about the original Halfling civilization near Kenaron?

Looking at the unofficial Blackmoor ZGG line, could the Docrae have been preserved?


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Re: Halflings in the Hollow World?

Post by Cthulhudrew » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:10 pm

This has come up before, but nothing definitive (or even fan-definitive) has really materialized. As I recall, you were the first to suggest something like a group of "Guardian Hin" that helped protect the Gentle Folk.

In a short story Geoff and I began many years ago (and I ended up failing to complete my part in it which would have continued the story- sorry, Geoff!), I was going to introduce a Davanian hin into the Known World. He would have been part of a tribal group from around Arypt who were at near constant war with the Sis'thik that lived there. In any case, the group in my estimation would have been as noted, desert hin. Perhaps there is a group of them in the Hollow World somewhere (in/around Nithia? Or the Krugel Wastes?). There were some discussions (I think here on the forum) about expanding those regions, and halflings factored into that somewhere. At least I recall weighing in with my own vague thoughts.

(Found it! Platea).

Docrae would certainly fit, in/around wherever there might be something Blackmoor related.

Also, like you, I always scratched my head that the Karimari were made human pygmys rather than halflings (given that this is a fantasy game with a ready made race to fit the niche); it's one of the reasons I started thinking about the Aryptian halflings, in fact. In any case, I think some kind of halfling colonies in/around the Serpent Peninsula would make perfect sense, given that the halfling migration stopped there before heading to Shaerdon. They may not currently exist there, but some prehistoric SP halfling culture might still exist in the HW.
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Re: Halflings in the Hollow World?

Post by Sturm » Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:38 pm

I think Kenaton, the ancient home of the halfling, should be present in the Hollow World. In Threshold issue #9 I placed it in Suridal. Also if Blackmoor and Thonia are in Jhompur as proposed by Havard, halfling could be there too.
And some among the gentle folks would fit too.
Karimari halfling in Tanagoro lands and desert halfling in eastern Nithia also make perfect sense IMHO.
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