Vistani activies in the Nentir Vale?

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Vistani activies in the Nentir Vale?

Post by Havard »

How active are the Vistani in the Nentir Vale? What activities are they involved in and do these activities suggest specific goals?


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Re: Vistani activies in the Nentir Vale?

Post by Zeromaru X »

We know they exists in the Nentir Vale thanks to a series of articles in Dragon 380 (yeah, all the 3 articles are in the same issue). They role doesn't change from other settings, it seems. They are gypsies, wanderers and the like.

Their lore is also tied to the Dawn War setting, with stories about Vistan, their founder, and her many possible origins (she may have fought in the Dawn War, or during the more recent ancient campaign of the Miran empire).

Their lore is expanded a bit in Gloomwrought and Beyond (the boxed set), as they seem to have a greater role in the Shadowfell. And many of the lore articles about gods and the like in the latter Dragon mags are narrated by a Vistani storyteller.

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