Non-Imagine articles by Pelinore authors

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Non-Imagine articles by Pelinore authors

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Tim Baker posted something about an article in Fenix magazine a while back.

The article that Tim was interested in didn't have anything to do with Pelinore, but I just looked at the magazine cover again and saw that Graeme Davis also wrote an article in it, called When is a Dragon not a Dragon? in the same magazine.

It made me think, has anyone ever compiled a list of the people who have created Pelinore content and then looked to see what they have written elsewhere?

They might not be writing articles specifically about Pelinore, but if some of their articles have similar themes, they might be good things to look at to expand on Pelinore canon.
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Re: Non-Imagine articles by Pelinore authors

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Pelinore continued in the short-lived GM Publications, with most of the same authors. After that, some of them went to Games Workshop and worked on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The city projects for WFRP, especially Middenheim and Marienburg, were heavily inspired by our work on Pelinore and the City League. I also did an adventure book for Green Ronin called Tales from Freeport, containing four adventures. Two of them, including the longest one, might work re-set in the City League.
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