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Bruce Heard's Website contains the following information on the page about Lower Stoutfellow:
Drakon Hollows: this cavern complex is unusual as it harbors a breed a small wyvern-like creatures living in holes high up in the rock face or in the vault. These creatures can be captured and used as mounts by trained specialists. The main source of wealth comes from a strategic Brightstone mine near the fortified Gate of Nalnorë.
I reckon the implication to be these "wyvern-like creatures" are called drakons, but whatever they are called, I am curious: has anyone ever developed them? Statistics, ecology, origin, details of the use by the dwarves, etc. could all be interesting. Can they be found elsewhere in Mystara? Are they docile and elusive or aggressive? How much would procuring one cost? Are they able to function in open air, above ground, in sunlight? Any thoughts are welcome....

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Re: Drakons?

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Shannon wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:39 pm
Bruce Heard's Website contains the following information on the page about Lower Stoutfellow:
Here is the Lower Stoutfellow -- Alphatia's Underworld article, for anyone who wants to read the whole thing. :)
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