Soaring above the jungles of southern Kara-Tur, the Malatran Plateau has been invisible to the natives of Abeir-Toril for thousands of years. Most sages consider the area nothing more than an uninteresting wilderness.

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The Tamara are the enemies of the Ancients. The Ancients were trying to hide from them, when they travelled to Malatra and caused the Malatran plateau to rise up. But what do the Tamara actually look like?

The Ancients had three fingers and a thumb. Are there any details like that, about their old enemies?

There are a few mentions of the Tamara on the forums, but page 87 of The Jungle Book of Malatra:
Moving The Story Arch Along by Tom Prusa wrote:For there to be a heroic storyarch, some bad things have to happen. We feel it would be better to write these as happening 'off-camera' whenever possible, using NPCs in epilogues and issues of Jungle Tales rather than attempt to write a module where the heroes actually have no chance to win. Remember, if we wanted to really prove that the Tamara are the single most powerful creatures in Malatra we could just write a module where you actually encoun-ter one in all its glory. We can confidently assert that this would cause 50% of playing tables to suffer a Total Party Kill (TPK), but we don't think that's either fair or heroic. To be perfectly honest, the whole storyarch came together when we came up with a way for players to decide the final battle via roleplaying, not strictly by combat statis-tics and dice rolls. It's a tough thing to balance, this allow-ing the arch to be shaped by the players while still keep-ing to a broad outline of the classical heroes journey. We count on player actions to drive key pieces of the storyarc, yet must maintain the plausible chance of hero failure.
So it looks like Tom Prusa was suggesting the Tamara shouldn't ever be seen, but should be some sort of hidden threat that the PCs deal with indirectly.

It also looks like the Tamara arrived mid campaign (during the 2e-to-3e transition). I think he said that only 9 of them arrived. He said that 12-15 were expected. I've not played that particular adventure but if the bulk of players pulled down the number of Tamara to 9, but didn't fight them directly, there must have been some sort of mechanism (maybe Planewalking) that they were using to sneak into the Living Jungle.

So they must still be very powerful (or capable of learning how to be powerful if their power comes from skills, rather than innate powers).

Do we know what size they are? Or how many arms or legs they have?

Are they are rebooted version of some sort of existing D&D monster race (like evil Arcane/Mercane) or anything from mythology?

Would PCs need to rise to Epic Levels in order to actually tackle one of the Tamara directly and stand a chance of winning? What level would you suggest for them?
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Re: Tamara

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Back during the campaign there is a single sketch I am aware of that depicts one of them....I have commissioned more.

(Noticed I hadn't added it on the Facebook Group so did it there, but not sure how to do it here from FB)

To my knowledge none of the other 8 that made it to Malatra during the campaign had art.
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