An open invitation to all Torg and Torg Eternity fans

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An open invitation to all Torg and Torg Eternity fans

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If you like Torg or Torg Eternity, you may have seen the sad news from Ulisses North America that they are going to be closing their official Torg forums:
TorgHacker at the If Ulisses North America forums wrote: This is something that’s been a possibility for awhile, but it looks like it’s hapoening.

The important take away is that these forums won’t be deleted. In addition to the Discord, I am looking into another possible forum home for Torg Eternity and will update once I hear more.
TorgHacker contacted me by PM and put in a forum request for a Torg forum. It was going to happen (at some point anyway, as Ashtagon is a fan of Torg) but we have accellerated our forum creation process in the hopes that The Piazza can help keep the Torg community together in a similar way to the way it helped keep the community of fans of older D&D campaign settings together 10 years ago.

Here is a link to our new Torg forum.

The Piazza is an editiion neutral community, so discussion of both the original Torg products and the newer Torg Eternity produdts are both welcome there.

You may also find the following links useful:
  • Introduce yourself here: A special topic to say "hi" and tell other Piazza members a bit about yourself and what you like to play.
  • Finding the right forum for your posts: How to find the place to discuss whatever old or new campaign settings or rules systems that you enjoy.
  • Other Worlds: If you want to talk about a campaign setting The Piazza does not have a forum for yet, do it here.
  • The Crunchy Bits: If you want to talk about a rules system The Piazza does not have a forum for yet, do it here.
  • The Squishy Bits: If you want to talk about systemless content, not tied to any campaign setting, do it here.

We have a temporary sticky in the Torg forum called Have we rescued everyone from the Ulisses USA forums?.

We also have a Q&A topic for TorgHacker: Hello! (Deanna Q&A) in case anyone wants to ask any questions about Torg.
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