"The Shackled City" Adventure Path in Eberron

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"The Shackled City" Adventure Path in Eberron

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So, I have been doing some poking around after getting my grubby paws in the compiled version of the "The Shackled City" adventure path. I've tried finding out how to better integrate it to the wolrd, mainly looking for other people's experiences online, but feel like I came out empty handed. For what I think could work, I'm thinking about making Caldera be a dwarf city in the far south of the Mror Holds, maybe change the demon lord to a Daelkyr and include elements of the Deep Kingdom (can't wait for Exploring Eberron), the vanishing of Clan Noldrun. Also, the adventure appears to involve planar travel (just skimmed over, no thorough reading yet) so I think that, in addition to using Eberron planes were they fit I like to include pocket demiplane within Khyber, like the Valley of the Inner Sun.

So, what do you guys think? Does anyone has experience playing this particular adventure path in Eberron and would care to share their experiences, or otherwise just would like to share their takes on the topic?

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Re: "The Shackled City" Adventure Path in Eberron

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I looked at this a few years ago but decided it needed too much work to make it any good. The overland maps were going to need to be tossed, and a lot of the rest was going to need a serious rework.

Given the "magma rising from below the city" motif near the end, I was going to place all Caudron location in Sharn. That required some changes to the city officials (the mayor; were there any others?). The flooding in one of the earlier modules was going to be hard to shoehorn in, since really only Cliffside is likely to go underwater. I suppose backing up the sewer system, which would have to run inside the walls of the towers so that many levels could be affected, could also be pretty significant. Although it is entirely possible that nothing important actually happens in Flood Season that can't be moved elsewhere, so you might be able to axe the whole thing, or move it to another city.

Some of the extraplanar bits I was going to axe, but they are now doable given Keith's posts suggesting that Khyber is filled with pocket dimensions. I also used Baator from Keith's 4e-era Dragon article.

I don't quite member how it was all going to work, but I think the plot was going to be driven by the Daughters of Sora Kell, with the overarching plan of releasing Sora Kell from imprisonment in Baator. The rest of the aftermath they didn't really care about, and may have even wanted the heroes to stop it; they might have actually helped the heroes at times to make sure they were there and had the tools to stop it. I think I was using thirteen identical aberrant dragonmarks in place of the markings on the Shackleborn.

Basically, the only way it was going to work and still feel like Eberron was to freely toss out anything that wouldn't fit. That required a thorough read of the AP, in order to identify the elements that absolutely had to be there. Unfortunately, the required elements aren't exactly called out, and the adventures themselves are a miserable wall of text, probably 98% of which is optional from the point of view of the overarching plot. While I liked the core ideas, in the end I hated reading the thing so much I gave up.

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