[Theros][novel] Godsend by Jenna Helland

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[Theros][novel] Godsend by Jenna Helland

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I just found out that Jenna Helland wrote a Theros ebook, called Godsend.

Here is an article about Godsend on the Magic: The Gathering website:
Trick Jarrett at Wizards.com wrote:Theros eBook: Godsend by Jenna Helland

Posted in Arcana on January 20, 2014

Coming in April, Part 1 (of 2) of the Theros novel written by R&D Creative Team member, and ex-Uncharted Realms author, Jenna Helland. Godsend, Part 1 will release on April 22, 2014.

On Theros, Elspeth hopes the gods will keep her safe from the evils of the Multiverse. But the powerful planeswalker comes to the attention of the sun god, Heliod, who believes she is destined to be his champion. As the gods quarrel with each other, Elspeth must face a massive hydra that was unleashed from the realm of the gods.

You've been undergoing your own Hero's Path at events such as the Theros Prerelease where you chose your path when picked your Prerelease pack, or at Theros Launch where you decoded the message hidden in the stars, and at the Theros Game Day where you battled the hydra. In this ebook you will get a taste of Elspeth's trials and story as she sought to understand why she had been called to the plane.

Godsend, Part 1 is available for Preorder on Amazon.com for Kindle and BarnesAndNoble.com as a Nook Book for $1.99.

WotC also has a sample chapter of Godsend online.

Has anyone read Godsend?

Does it tell you a lot about the history and geography of Theros?

Are there any themes in the novel that you think will be in Mythic Odysseys of Theros?

Do you think that the plot of Godsend would work as a tabletop plot?
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Re: [Theros][novel] Godsend by Jenna Helland

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If anyone cares to buy the book on Kindle, it's just $1.99 on Amazon. Part 2 is available on Kindle for the same price.

I'm interested to hear if people think it would make a good primer for the plane as an RPG setting, and not just an interesting location for a novel.

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Re: [Theros][novel] Godsend by Jenna Helland

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This appears to date back to 2013 when Theros originally came out. I'm familiar with Jenna Helland as a writer, and I believe she's pretty skilled, although that doesn't guarantee good results - Robert Wintermute wrote an extremely good book for Zendikar in 2010, and then an absolutely terrible one for New Phyrexia the next year. So a good writer can fail if the editorial team really strangles them. But if that didn't happen, then this book is likely to be pretty good.

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