Dying Star retroclone for Dark Sun

Athas and the sorcerer-kings.
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Tim Baker
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Dying Star retroclone for Dark Sun

Post by Tim Baker »

Have you taken a look at the playtest document for the Dying Star retroclone of Dark Sun? It's based on Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (SWCL), which is itself a simplification of OD&D. But its tailored to Athas with the serial numbers filed off.

Would Dark Sun benefit from simpler rules? Do you think SWCL is a good fit for play in Athas?

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Re: Dying Star retroclone for Dark Sun

Post by KtA »

Interesting... I've thought about Dark Sun with OD&D before, but more from the perspective of the three alignment system (Law/Neutrality/Chaos only). In Dark Sun both civilization and the wilderness are very harsh, so it would fit fairly well with a 'Moorcockian' kind of model where both Law and Chaos are deadly taken to extremes.

I have to say if I were doing a simplified version of Dark Sun, I'd get rid of the breakable weapons bit. It never made that much sense to me in the first place... does a stone handaxe or stone-headed mace really break that much more easily than a metal one? Just make large blades (swords, battleaxes, greataxes) rare/expensive.

I'd also simplify the classes a bit... Either psionics would be wild talents only and not a class, or psionicists would replace clerics (and there would be psionic healing powers).

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Re: Dying Star retroclone for Dark Sun

Post by Corsair14 »

I actually like the weapons breaking bit but I completely agree on the alignment and psionics things. Years ago when I ran DS I only allowed wild talents anyway and saved full psionics for the badguys(and I cannot recall actually using them either)

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Re: Dying Star retroclone for Dark Sun

Post by CrossPlanes »

I can't wait to take a look at this.

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