Tharkold Preview #6 - Archetypes

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Re: Tharkold Preview #6 - Archetypes

Post by Zackofhousezenobi »

I'm assuming that pic is the Pain Accolyte?

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Re: Tharkold Preview #6 - Archetypes

Post by QuarrelBlue »

Thanks. Now we have the Abomination Thug, and I assume the self-mutilating guy(he somehow remind me of a blood magical girl...) as the Pain Acolyte. Then we can start guessing which picture on preview/crowdfunding pages is for one of those Archetypes.
TorgHacker wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:39 am
Mutation is a Perk sorta like Dragon Warrior, where it has 'upgrades' which are pretty powerful, but you also have to get a random Deformative Mutation.
For now, I'm both interested in and afraid of Mutation Perk. It may introduce some unusual powers, and certainly fit with technohorror taste, but the random deterioration during character creation is something new to Torg Eternity, and it may disrupt its strict point distribution system. Combined with Character Death rule, it may end up encouraging players to dispose their characters again and again until getting "Deformative Mutation" less disruptive to their character concept(or just less penalizing)...
(By the way, what is Radiation card? Is it an alias for "Irradiated" Cosm Card, or a totally new thing?)

...Speaking of mutations, maybe we'll need a disclaimer like "Tharkold Mutation is deeply affected by Occultech and certainly non-Earthly thing. We never promote or justify any prejudice, mockery, or discrimination against real-life people who suffered radiation and/or genetic damage".
(I'm serious, if not professional. I personally think fictional depiction of prejudice is one thing and promotion of prejudice in guise of fiction is another, but the suffering of real-life nuclear survivors is no joke and we can use some text to clarify our intent.)

For equipment...
Junk Armor will be useful for many survivor characters who need some improvised armor. Core Earthers in Living Land may also use it.
Cutting Wheel is...interesting as itself, but for this character more simple muscle-powered weapon may serve better. With Str 11 Oversized Arm, a simple Morning Star can easily deal 16 damage, or a Pick Axe from Aysle Sourcebook can give 15 AP1 damage.

About guessing on existing pictures, I think "Create an Archetype" add-on iconic character(holding a shotgun) on the crowdfunding page is likely to be Blasted Lands Survivor.
Delphi mission: Tharkold cover guy(white-clad) may be Chop Shop Doc, ...or Occultech Smith?
The spikey-haired guy with glowing eyes on Heroes of the Blasted Lands token may be Psi Master?
I'm not sure about the macho woman with guns on another Heroes of the Blasted Lands token... looks too clean and healthy for a Race Marine, maybe Renegade Infiltrator?
There seems to be two Aspirant Archetypes, Demon Scholar and Fallen Alpha, and they may be sharing the picture with Minions of Thar
kold token(jacketed brown one looks more scholarly).
The mechanoid character on Map Pack 2 cover and Possibility tokens looks interesting, but the characters drawn on Possibility tokens are not always heroes...
fougerec wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:49 pm
Anuga42 wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:35 pm
Good question, I'm always looking forward to each book and what it does in terms of new perks, each one has done successively better in that department with plenty of new options/categories.

But also... will occultech rival cyberware in the newly-improved, very detailed Cyberpapacy? And can characters get both??
They could get both now - Occultech from the core book and the Recalibrated Cybeware perk.
I'm rather surprised to know that Recalibrated Cyberware has no Prereq on the finalized version. Now Cyberpapal Storm Knights can take both Cyberware Implants and Recalibrated Cyberware to get $18000 worth of implants.

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Re: Tharkold Preview #6 - Archetypes

Post by Zackofhousezenobi »

I love your breakdown of the pics of Archetypes we have seen. I think they have made Tharkold even more interesting like they did for Living Land. There are just a lot of interesting Archetypes. And that's before we get to the Backer Archetypes. I got one of the first ones and I cant wait to we start a separate thread talking about that!

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Re: Tharkold Preview #6 - Archetypes

Post by Ampersands »

So the movie “The Day After” came up recently and there’s a scene where the one officer scavenges some Baby Ruths and now I’m tying that to the Abomination archetype’s quote’s source material. I’m crossing the 80s movie reference streams. Alph Pulverizer holes the size of matzah balls.

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