[Mahasarpa] Khubali College

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[Mahasarpa] Khubali College

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Page 4 of the Mahasarpa Campaign PDF says this about Khubali College:
The Mahasarpa Campaign wrote:Like the Crane clan of Rokugan, Lakshmana is home to the finest academy of arts in the entire Seven Kingdoms. The
Khubali College trains expert painters, sculptors, architects, stonemasons, weaponsmiths, and other artisans, claiming to carry on the artistic traditions of Mahanaga. Unlike the Kakita artisans of Rokugan, Khubali does not consider swordplay a fine art, and no weapon masters emerge from this academy.
Khubali College is the only organisation mentioned for Lakshmana. It's obviously not the only organisation in a country of 45,000 people, but it must be the most significant one.

Arts and crafts are a major export of Lakshmana, as are grains and wine. (Presumably people grow fields of grain and have vines in the countryside.)

Does anyone know of some real-world colleges, of that period, that might stand in for Khubali College?

Lakshmana and Khubali College are off of the southern side of the Mahasarpa map, down the Bahanis River. So there isn't much of a clue to where Khubali College would be. But Vriscika gets called out as being built on an island in the middle of the Bahanis River, so I'd go out on a limb and say that Lakshmana is on the western bank of the Bahanis River.

With the ruins of Mahasarpa being based on real-world Angkor in Cambodia, it would be nice if an Angkorian site in Cambodia, Thailand or Laos was a college or something similar.

But Lakshmana exists after the fall of Mahanaga, so post Angkorian architecture might also be something that fits into the setting.
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