Timeline for a DL Retcon Campaign

"For in ages past, beyond memory and word, in the first blush of the world, Dragons terrible and great made war on this world of Krynn."
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Timeline for a DL Retcon Campaign

Post by DaemonAngel » Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:48 pm

I came up with my own concept of a retcon for Dragonlance, via a timeline, (cause I just love timelines) which I might use as a blue print for a campaign. I tried incorporating some of what many consider the best of all eras; past, present, possible future and alternate. Also included are 4 ED D&D elements (i.e. warforge, dragonborn, devas, goliaths etc). Just trying to update the setting without ruining it (far from easy).

Basically, it retcons to the Post Lance/Legends era. Chaos and the Age of Mortals can still happen, but assumes things can easily go another way, the War of the Darklance or the Age of Dragons are just a couple of many possibilities. And I mean many for though the Dark Queen has her plans, she's far from the only one and events have a way of getting ahead of you.

Feedback welcomed.
Thoughts? Ideas? Something from one of the other eras that could fit?
Anything from another setting (ie Pathfinder) that had a strong Dragonlance feel for you?

Retcon: Dragonlance 352 - 382 AC
352 AC – The War of the Lance Ends
The Heroes of the Lance defeat Emperor Ariakas and destroy the Dark Queen's Temple of Darkness. The dragonarmies then turn upon one another.
Draconian Flight: A group of draconians steal a clutch of corrupted metallic dragon eggs and flee southwest into the region of Thorbardin.

353-357 AC – Harrying the Foe
Liberation of lands held by the dragonarmies continues in central, eastern and southern Ansalon. Gradually over the next few years, Whitestone forces systematically work to destroy these remnants. However, holdings in the Khalkist Mountains prove very resilient.
Grand Lord Toede: Lord Toede beats the gods in a brilliant game of wits winning resurrection. Following a series of epic feats, Toede reluctantly excepts the lordship of Flotsam after much pleading by the town's admiring residence.
Divine Agents: Devas, mortals touched by the divine, and not seen since the Age of Dreams appear. Many are sighted in regions heavily touched by the Cataclysm, and scholars believe they are reborn clerics from the Night of Doom. That many are seen in the ruins of Godshome reinforces this belief.

355 AC – The Knighthood Evolves
Gunthar uth Wistan is elected Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, who then introduces the revised Measure to help revitalize the Orders.

356 AC – Master of the Past and Present
Heroes of the Lance Raistlin and Caramon Majere journey into the past, accompanied by the cleric Crysania and the kender, Tasslehoff. They go to corrupted Istar (1 PC), and then the Dwarfgate Wars (38 AC), where Raistlin and Crysania, journey into the Abyss, hoping to destroy the Dark Queen.
“Go 'East' Young Minotaur!”: Emperor Chot Es-Kalin, of the Minotaur Imperium, orders the first of several expeditions east into the Courrain Ocean claiming the Mitos Archipelago and numerous other islands for the Imperium, many fully colonized by 363 AC.

357 AC - The Blue Lady’s War
Dragon Highlord, Kitiara, and the death knight Lord Soth, lead the Blue Army, using a flying citadel to cross northern Solamnia to attack the Lordcity of Palanthas. However, her army is defeated and after she is killed, Soth vanishes with her body. Kitiara's blue dragon, Skie, departs the world seeking a method to resurrect the Blue Lady.
Sealing the Portal: In the Abyss, Raistlin Majere sacrifices himself to stop the Dark Queen as Caramon escapes with Crysania and seals the portal to the Abyss.
Dark Son: The Solamnic knights release Ariakan (son of Ariakas) from captivity. Following a vision from the Dark Queen, he plans a new order, a dark mirror to the Solamnic knights, one dedicated to the Queen of Darkness. He covertly seeks out candidates, many of the young to be raised in the philosophy of Takhisis.

358 AC – The Great Lie
The Orders of High Sorcery promote a story of Raistlin sacrificing himself to save the cleric Crysania from a plot by Takhisis to manifest in the world. Known internally as the Great Lie, (though half-truth would be more accurate), the tale inspires people seek the Art and mages become respected in Ansalon again.
Flight of the Kyrie: A large flight of the avian humanoids descend on the World Heart ruins in Northern Ergoth. The Ackel barbarians, who kept the ruins for themselves, are driven out by the weight of numbers. Its rumored the kyrie were lead by another group avian creatures calling themselves garuda, who then destroy the only pathways up to the ruins, rendering it unreachable for anyone without flight or magic.
Resurgence of Ergoth: The people of Ergoth develops a new sense of pride nationally and culturally, filling them with a new purpose and energy. Unlike previous times, Ergoth looks towards internal reform, and newly annotated Cavalier Séverin Ce Valerius (latest in a long line of cavaliers) comes to be one the reformers champions. As a result, anti-reformers arrange to have him sent to Southern Ergoth, to “look after Imperial interest”. However, he convinces the Emperor and the Praetor of a containment policy toward the barbarians of Ackel so the empire can strengthen internally. In the meantime, Séverin works in the hope that the banner of Ergoth will fly again in the south.

360 AC – The Children of Dragons
On a trio of islands southwest of Gargath Isle and Sancrist, humans face extinction by Morgion, god of disease. However, an outsider shows a way to save the inhabitants. Revealing a ritual allowing dragon souls denied life by the creation of the draconians (both metallic and chromatic) to merge with a host, allowing life for one and a second chance for the other. Since metallic draconians tended to evil and chromatic ones to good, this new race of dragonborn will retain more freedom, a legacy of their human ancestry. The true identity of the outsider is never discovered and none of Krynn's deities can claim involvement.
Que-Shu Reborn: At the rebuilt village of Que-Shu, survivors of the plains tribe elect Heroes of the Lance, Goldmoon and Riverwind, to lead them.
The Throtl Campaign: A combined army of dwarves and humans lead by the Solamnic knights finally push the goblin-kin east of the Throtl Gap. The city of Throtl itself is liberated the following spring. All lands west of the Gap are annexed into the Solamnic province of Gaarlund, though many still refer to it as Throtl.
Kraken of the Blood Sea: An immense kraken emerges from the Maelstrom of the Blood Sea ravaging any below and above the waves. Dargonesti sea elves led by Apoletta, barely succeed in driving the monster away. Apoletta, later describes, “Eyes belying both an ancient and alien mind.” The beast has yet to make it's presence felt again since.
Night of the Winter Star: Eye-witnesses in the city of Tarsis see a bright comet descend the southern sky. Ice Folk at Icereach confirm seeing it fall deep into the polar region. Scholars throughout Ansalon offer rewards for the recovery of the comet.

362 AC – A Union of Elves
Porthios Kanan and Alhana Starbreeze marry in the hope of unifying the Qualinesti and Silvanesti nations.

363 AC – Solamnic Auxiliary Established
The Solamnic Auxiliary is established. Formed by those who believe in the tenets of the Knights of Solamnia, but not knights themselves. Despite reluctance from some, a White Robe wizard is named Auxiliary Master, who is charged with building it’s ranks.
The Schallsea League is Formed: Port cities of Eastguard, North Keep, Schallsea, Shrentak, Staughton and Westguard form an economic alliance that comes to dominated trade along the southern coast of the New Sea. However, cities such as of Sanction, Qindaras and many ports along the Lemish and Qwermish coasts, are denied entry. Relations with the Ergothen Merchant Marine, the trading guilds of Caergoth, Palanthas and even Kalaman are opened thanks to a reviving Shinare clergy.
Abyssal Manifestations: Takhisis orders the covert use of magic to manifest infernal ancestry in potential mortals (the majority of those among the young), leading to what will be the largest generation of tieflings in recorded history. Takhisis plans on this generation to turn to her when they are ostracized from society.

364 AC – Heirs of the Hammerhall
Clerics rebuilding an old temple in Nightlund, discover a recently inhabited sub-level. The only sign of the inhabitants identity is a mosaic depicting the emblem of a sub-branch of the extinct Knights of the Divine Hammer, that built the Hammerhall in Istar. Most alarming is a vault guarded by powerful magic (the strongest aimed inward) but apparently empty.
The Glacier Folk: Solamnic knights fighting against remnants of the White Dragon Army encounter tall muscular humanoids calling themselves Goliaths, descendants of High Ogres that never bowed to the dark gods, instead aligning with the gray gods. These goliaths turn out to be the vanguard of an exodus from mountains deep in Krynn's southern pole. They bring tales of waring monsters (one of nightmarish shadows and one of clockwork-like statues) that had forced them to move. In places as far north as Tarsis, there is fear that these monstrosities finding their way to Ansalon is inevitable.
Qindaras' New Rulers: The city-state comes under the joint rule of a husband and wife who turn out to be a mated per of sphinx. Word later spreads of the involvement of a reclusive eccentric dwarf who aided them.
Sithelbec Rebuilt: The Schallsea League begins reconstruction of the ancient elven fortress city. The League plans on making the location a stronghold to protect open trade in the New Sea and the New Coast peninsula.

366 AC – Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
Caramon and Tika Waylan Majere publish a book for patrons of the newly renovated Inn of the Last Home. The book includes a preface by Caramon, and essays about Races, the gods of Krynn, the timeline of that period, how the companions met, and even a long list of recipes collected from Tika 's Cookbook. The book soon proves very popular.

368 AC – Lemish Confrontation
Solamnia and the knighthood clash with the inhabitants of Lemish, now seeking to maintain nationhood, and hoping to expand at it's neighbors (particularity Solamnia's) expense. Clashes with the Solamnics prove fatal and Lemish resorts to guerrilla warfare, while pretending to be a victim. Few take their side, as many remember Lemish siding with the dragonarmies during the War of the Lance. Lemish sues for peace and pays reparations to avoid occupation.
Rainbow Serpents: Couatls, feathered serpents and distant cousins of dragons, are spotted over Nordmaar's Sahket Jungle, with sightings increasing over the next few years. Other larger couatls are also spotted in the region where the ruins of Godshome are located.

370 AC – Knights of Takhisis Founded
Lord Ariakan officially invests the first Knights of Takhisis. All knights receive The Vision showing each their personal role in the Dark Queen’s plans. Also, as a gift to her mortal son, the goddess Zeboim lifts Storm Keep from the sea, giving Ariakan an island base unknown to the world.
Azure Flight: Blue dragons living in the northern Khalkist and Planes of Dust begin to vanish, their numbers mysteriously declining.

371 AC – Ariakan Discovers Ithin'carthia
On a voyage from the mainland, Ariakan discovers the island continent of Ithin'carthia, home of the Tarmak. Learning their history, Ariakan claims to be their prophesied Warrior Cleric, the Amarrel. After proving himself in the arena, the Tarmak swear loyalty to him. Many of them sail back with Ariakan to Storm's Keep where the blue painted warriors prepare for the war that Ariakan plans to wage on Ansalon.
Rise of the Reavers: An ogre-mage called the Red Reaver, organizes ogres in the Last Gaard Mountains in Southern Ergoth and begins harassing the elven settlements. Despite calls from the Commander of Castle Eastwatch for aid, few recognize a threat, believing the ogres will eventually turn to in-fighting or the ogres in Daltigoth would destroy the Reaver in self-preservation.
Panzer Grenadier: Leclerc, a Cleric of Gilean, vanishes in the Last Gaard Mountains, presumably captured or killed by ogres. Associates at the Great Library say he was searching for the location of a “vault" where he believed pre-cataclysm Ergoth was building a secret army inspired by the Malachite Guardians used in the Lost Battles (19 PC).

373 AC – The Jacualsprima War
As people prepare to observe the holiday commemorating the self-sacrifice of Huma and the silver dragon Heart, the Red Reaver's forces attack in mass toward the elven settlements of Qualimori and Silvamori. Local resistance lead by people such as the woman warrior, Arlena Plata slow the assault, while having tracked the ogre's movements, the Solamnic knights counterattack and crush the ogre's flank. The Red Reaver's lieutenants lead a retreat, only to find escape blocked by other ogres having no intention of allowing them escape. However, as his forces are crushed, it's learned that the Red Reaver is not an ogre-magi or even an ogre but an minotaur mage who merely sacrificed the ogres in the south as he launched his real attack.
Battle of Arbor Pass: In the Sangra di Corij (Blood of Corij) Mountains, a sub-range of the Last Gaard Mountains, an ogre column lead by the Red Reaver himself is destroyed while attempting to reach Foghaven Vale and Eastwatch. An outnumbered group of knights block the pass in the hopes of delaying the Reaver, however, they only face the few ogres who managed to escape being eliminated by an army of “armored demons”. A scout party into the pass finds only the dead ogres host, but no sign of this other “army”. No sign of the Red Reaver is found either. A bounty by the Solamnics and even the ogre Dictator of Daltigoth, is offered for any definitive proof of the Red Reaver's demise.

374 AC – Second Exodus of Elves
A faction of elves unwilling to return to the homelands but unsatisfied with Southern Ergoth, decide to remigrate again, this time to the smaller isle of Cristyne, where they discover ancient evidence of elves having lived there during the Age of Dreams.

376 AC – Lords of Corruption
Takhisis has Chemosh summon Sylvyana, the Ghoul Queen, from the River of Time who sets up her new domain deep in the Woods of Lahue. Meanwhile, the Dark Queen resurrects the Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas as an arch-lich sending him back to Icewall.
Emerald and Black Roses: Cassandra Soth (of the same family-line as the infamous Lord Soth) is knighted by Grand Master Gunthar uth Wistan as a Knight of the Rose. As one of the few women knights, her declared goal is to defeat, or if possible, redeem the death knight. Many dismiss her goal as bravado while others consider it a worthy but futile goal, one that will certainly end in the death (or worse) of a promising young life.
Going Deep: Tinker gnome, Bjelke of the Mt. Nevermind Diggdeeperthananygnomehasbeforemining Guild, field tests a new drilling vehicle in Goodlund. Vanishing into the ground he and his machine haven't been seen since, although rumors of miniature quakes from locals continue.

378 AC – A Journey of Honor
Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon Majere journey to Storm’s Keep and meet Steel Brightblade, the son of Sturm Brightblade and Kitiara uth Matar. Tanis reports the existence of the Knights of Takhisis to the Knights of Solamnia, the Temple of Paladine, and the Orders of High Sorcery, but many dismiss his warnings.

379 AC – Goldmoon's Last Odyssey
Dreams Goldmoon believes is from Mishakal, sends her the Silver Stair on the Isle of Schallsea. After claiming the stairs she receives a vision to establish what will become the Citadel of Light, new home of the Holy Disks and a center of spiritual enlightenment. Goldmoon gains support for the project from the Church of Paladin, the Knights of Solamnia, the Schallsea League and even several neutral churches.
Cult of the Worm: Dark dwarves in Zhakar find this cult starting to gradually become more radical and violent, not only to outsiders but other zhakar. The followers of this cult believe in an ancient gargantuan worm slumbering in the roots of the Khalkist Mountains, that when awakened will destroy the world.
Ice Man: The body of a man is found by locals in Icereach, having pale skin and larger than usual eyes and wearing clothing unknown anywhere in Ansalon. The only thing vaguely familiar is an emblem of a gold dragon minus it's wings. A cleric visiting the Ice Folk notes that the stranger died of exposure sometime the last month.

380 AC – The Cerulean Warlord
Rumors of ogres lead by a “blue skinned giant” begin circulating in the mountainous region of Blode and later conflicts with the northern ogres of Kern.
Kobolds on the Go: For reasons known only to themselves, several tribes of kobolds in remote parts of Ansalon emerge and migrate to Nordmaar's jungle region. Amazingly they avoid attacking others and prove, at worst, a nuisance.
The Vanished Keep: Icewall Castle, former base of the White Army vanishes leaving behind a gaping crater.

381 AC – Mages Storm the Keep
The Orders of High Sorcery attack Storm’s Keep, seeking to destroy the wizard Knights of the Thorn (magi who gain power from the Dark Queen, by-passing the Moon Gods of Sorcery). Justarius, The Red, Highmage of the Conclave, is among those lost in the attempt. Dalamar the Dark assumes leadership of the Conclave.
Silenced Melody: An acolyte of Branchala in Solanthus is found murdered in his home. He was working on a musical piece he called, Song of Distant Stars, however it appears he was killed and the sheet music was stolen. An investigation by a retired Knight dead ends as there are no witnesses and the acolyte had no rivals or enemies.

382 AC – Elven Succession
While Porthios, the Qualinesti Speaker of the Sun, successfully ends Lorac’s 20-year Nightmare of Silvanesti, Gilthas, son of Laurana and Tanis Half-Elven, is unwillingly placed on the throne of the elven kingdom of Qualinesti through a coup led by General Konnal, who simultaneously steals away the Silvanesti throne as well. Porthios and Alhana are declared dark elves by the new regimes and forced to flee from both elven kingdoms.
Changes in the Solamnic Knighthood: Gunthar uth Wistan retires as Grand Master of the Solamnic Knights and Sir Thomas of Thelgaard is elected the new Grand Master. His first act is the knighting of the Tanin and Sturm Majere (sons of Tika and Caramon Majere) as the first non-Solamnics to enter into the knighthood. With the hope of more to follow.
Gilthanas Departs Kalaman: After almost thirty-years as Governor of Kalaman, Gilthanas, retires from office. The elf prince is believed to be going to join is overthrown brother Porthios, but no further word is heard of his whereabouts.
Draconian Fort: In a valley in the Kharolis Mountains, a village of independent draconians is abandoned. Dwarves living close by, who had grudging truce of sorts are perplexed. The fort was discovered empty during a search for a trio of dwarves that had previously gone missing.
The Desert Tempest: The City of Lost Names comes under the rule a gigantic blue dragon who creates a permanent sandstorm around the ruins. Numerous disappearances forces the region's desert inhabitants to begin keeping others away.
No Word From Bastion: The Order of High Sorcery's incomplete extra-planer fortress of Bastion (the third of it's kind to be built) goes suddenly silent. The Conclave fears that the fortress has fallen to a counter-attack of Thorn Knights of Takhisis, since it was from here that the Order launched it's own attack on Storm Keep.

The Present
“The future is not some place we are going to but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.”
-John Schaar

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Re: Timeline for a DL Retcon Campaign

Post by maddog » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:52 pm

I like it very much. Makes me think about possible campaigns that could built around some of the ideas you have written. I hope to see more.
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Re: Timeline for a DL Retcon Campaign

Post by DaemonAngel » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:33 pm

maddog wrote:I like it very much. Makes me think about possible campaigns that could built around some of the ideas you have written. I hope to see more.
Too be expanded in time I hope :D

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