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-= A Wild Ride 
-<div right> 
-  * '''​Published:'''​ November 1994 
-  * '''​Publisher:'''​ TSR 
-  * '''​Author:'''​ Lester Smith writing as Louis Anderson 
-  * '''​Format:'''​ 192 page softcover 
-  * '''​Rules:'''​ Endless Quest 
-  * '''​Product:'''​ 
-    * [[http://​​rpgitem/​57428/​a-wild-ride|RPG Geek]] 
-    * [[http://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=17916|RPG Net]] 
-  * '''​Reviews:'''​ 
-    * [[https://​​2014/​03/​11/​review-a-wild-ride/​|Confessions of a Geek Queen]] 
-    * [[https://​​2014/​03/​11/​review-of-endless-quest-wildspace-a-wild-ride/​|Wildspace:​ The Spelljammer Fanzine]] 
-Save the Rock! 
-Jaxom Starr has a reputation as a daredevil. In a rickety old skiff, he sails the most perilous regions of Wildspace, scavenging for items to sell in his grandfather'​s junk booth on the Rock of Bral. Most citizens of that asteroid city consider him a loon. But Jaxom thinks they at least admire his courage. If only they would respect him as a person. 
-Then, one day, a strange and deadly sea of asteroids thratens the Rock of Bral. It falls to Jaxom to lead the heroes Dare, Keela, Deathmark and Greenthorne through a maze of perils to end the threat, and in so doing, win for himself respect as a hero of the Rock. 
-Only hour choices can help you survive ''​A Wild Ride''​. 
-Each Endless Quest® Book is based on an exciting role-playing game, but you don't need to know the game to enjoy the book. Just ake your choices and accept the concequences! 
-Remember, only your choices can lead to success in Endless Quest® Books! 
-"​Endless Quest" 
-"​Lester Smith" "Louis Anderson"​ 
-1990s 1994 1994-11 
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