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 <div right> <div right>
 {{template>​amazon|asins=1560768673}} {{template>​amazon|asins=1560768673}}
 +{{template>​dndclassics|product=215918|name=Corsairs of the Great Sea}}
 </​div>​ </​div>​
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   * '''​Product:'''​   * '''​Product:'''​
     * [[http://​​wiki/​Publication:​Corsairs_of_the_Great_Sea|DnD Wiki]]     * [[http://​​wiki/​Publication:​Corsairs_of_the_Great_Sea|DnD Wiki]]
-    * [[http://​​wiki/​Corsairs_of_the_Great_Sea|Forgotten Realms ​Wikia]]+    * [[http://​​wiki/​Corsairs_of_the_Great_Sea|Forgotten Realms ​Wiki]]
     * [[https://​​rpgitem/​47239/​corsairs-great-sea|RPG Geek]]     * [[https://​​rpgitem/​47239/​corsairs-great-sea|RPG Geek]]
 +    * [[https://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=7406|RPG Net]]
 +    * [[http://​​aq/​aq-corsair.htm|TSR Archive]]
     * [[wp>​Corsairs of the Great Sea|Wikipedia]]     * [[wp>​Corsairs of the Great Sea|Wikipedia]]
 +'''​Set Sail with the Pirates of Chaos!'''​
 +A thousand welcomes, noble friend! I see your eye is as keen as the eagle and your mind as sharp as my jambiya, for you hold in your hand a great treasure. This box contains everything needed to launch an epic adventure featuring corsairs and mamluks:
 +  * A stunning poster map of the Corsair Domains and Zakhara'​s northern shores.
 +  * Six full-color cardstock sheets containing maps and player aids.
 +  * An 8-page booklet filled with new monsters, including the dreaded ghul-kin.
 +  * A 32-page sourcebook detailing the wily pirates of Hawa and their greatest enemies, the stalwart mamluks of Qudra, plus several new magical items.
 +  * A 64-page adventure book presenting a fabulous array of tales set in or near the Corsair Domains. Meet the beautiful and notorious Jayani al-Jasir, called by some the Queen of Pirates. Face untold perils to fetch the wondrous waters of the River of Gold. Save Hawa's people from the horrible Soultaker, and much, much more. But beware! Treachery awaits at the hands of those you trust most!
 +Recommended for use with the ''​[[al-qadim_arabian_adventures|Arabian Adventures]]''​ rulebook.
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